How To Get Her Phone Number Using Instant Messaging

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Here’s Derek Lamont with a tip on how to escalate from instant messaging to the critical phone conversation when using online dating

I see some holes in this routine’s logic (like most phones HAVE instant messaging now). On the other hand if it gets you the number, that’s all that matters…


Here’s a quick pickup routine I’ve made up ON THE SPOT that I think is pretty nifty.

This is for all you instant messengers out there… you know… MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger…

I call it… “The Dead Laptop Routine”

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl on MSN and things are interesting… you’ve been receiving
a few online IOI’s and you’ve been conveying value quite a bit…


Tell her that you’re at a friend’s house and that your laptop is about to run out of batteries!

Say something like…

“Oh crap… My laptop is about to run outta power! Ok, gimme your cell and I’ll txt
you later or something!”

This is one of the hottest ways to get a chicks number off instant messenger!

I’ve got dozens of these in my program, The Online Game: Internet Attraction System!

Check it out right now…

I look forward to hearing from you…

Derek Lamont
Master PUA & Author

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