How To Go Out ALONE And Approach Women

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Here’s a Q&A with Jeffy from Real Social Dynamics where he gives some solid tips about going out alone…

*** QUESTION ***

Hey Jeffy,

Great stuff from the Miami Conference and sharing your
knowledge on mindset and inner game.

I remember you told me that you prefer to work alone and that
has stuck in my head. I go out with friends that are cool but
when it comes to gaming - they are total chodes.

They either blow me out of set or creep out chicks with
their needy, resume line based game. They seem to know a
better system and it’s hard explaining game to them.

I’m sick of their shit and want to work a club/bar alone.

Just want to get your thoughts on how you work a club/bar
solo. What mindset you go in with? Also some tactics/
strategies on working the sets and disarming tests of “why
are you alone”? Your insight would rock.

Thanks RSD for improving this area of my life.

Jacksonville Beach, FL


Yeah, this is something I’ve had to deal with.

Look, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him
drink… these friends of yours aren’t gonna see the light
anytime soon.

And while they might be really cool guys in other areas of
their lives, when it comes to approaching women, they happen
to SUCK.

So here’s my advice… leave the chodes at home.

Going solo is far superior.

Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

It’s a cliche-stravaganza!

If you’re concerned about going out alone, take it from me,
it’s really not that big a deal. In fact, I PREFER to go out
alone. There’s less encumberances, and I’m less likely to just
sit around all night shooting the breeze with my bros.

I’m FORCED to mingle and hit up sets.

Of course, then comes the inevitable question, “How to deal
with people who ask, ‘where are your friends?’”

Again, it’s not that big a deal. Just frame control it away, I’ll
get a puppy dog look on my face and say, “They ditched me. I’m
such a loser!” all sarcastically.

If you’re really concerned about this, there are other things you
can do as well. You can merge sets, you can make an insta-wing,

As far as the mindset goes, it’s the same mindset I have all
the time… to be a cool, social guy having FUN. That’s it.

Also, check out the latest hardcore technology in the ever-evolving
world of THE GAME.

Transformations is packed “beyond full” with instantly applicable
information that will take your game and your understanding of the
social matrix to the next level. Like the Bootcamp, this is really
an incredible value for the money.

I know you’re curious. Act on that feeling and find out what the
Transformations DVD Set is all about by visiting the RSD site NOW.

Okay, I’m gonna go have lunch now, so… uh, see you later.


Jeffy, Executive Coach

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