How to handle an AMOG

conquer your campus bookHere’s a great article about dealing with AMOGs by Mark Redman, the author of the “Conquer Your Campus Training Manual”.


Christian Hudson taught me something huge about AMOG’ing. This is parlance for “alpha male other guy” aka when another guy tries to show you up.

Christian’s not a huge guy but I’ve never seen someone better at amoging, and we were talking about what he does and what I’ve been doing and I think we broke it down better than I’ve ever seen.

Basically, if another guy is fucking with you, you have to do one of two things:
- Break rapport if he is trying to build it
- Build rapport if he is trying to break it

And you always do this from an alpha perspective.

So if the guy is trying to build rapport, you have to be “too cool for school”, like maybe you humor him a little bit, but you’re mostly just giving him shit.

And if the guy is trying to break rapport, you need to build it from the perspective of being alpha nice.

Some examples might help:

Let’s say you’re talking to a girl, you leave her for a minute, and then you come back and there’s some dude there. As you get back into the conversation, he tries to edge you out. He’s breaking rapport.

So you need to be the bigger man, ask him his name, compliment him a bit about something (DON’T ask him questions except for his name), then as he keeps trying to break rapport, you’re trying to build rapport with him AND with the girl from the perspective of being the fun, super-social guy.

It will make this guy look like he is just out for pussy and not to have fun. You can even call him on it if you want.

On the other hand, I’ve had it when guys try to break into my interactions and they’re trying to build rapport. Like, they’ll be asking a lot of questions, but they do it from this perspective of humoring me. So in those situations, you need to break rapport and be a bit of a dick.

So what I was taught to do was to mirror them, ask a quick question or give a quick complement, then immediately break rapport and be like “so, why all these questions?” Or just indicate that you’re not interested in talking to them and edge them out.

Again, do this from an alpha perspective.

I ended up writing more about this topic - waaaay more - in my Conquer Your Campus Training Manual.

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