How to handle cockblockers

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Last week Sinn wrote a lay report where the target’s friend’s boyfriend tried to cockblock him in a lame way. It got me thinking about my experiences with handling cockblockers.

I used to have this fantasy back in the day that the world wanted me to get laid. Now I accept the fact that no one wants me to. In fact many will go out of their way to throw a wrench into your well oiled machine any chance that they can get.

I’ve had girls’ siblings, ex-boyfriends, orbiters, mother hens, pets, random alpha-males, random AFCs, security guards, bouncers and even my own friends try to block me. When I think I know how to handle every possible situation a new one arises.

To deal with cockblocking you have to evaluate the concerns of those who are cockblocking or the concerns they are trying to stir into your target.

In Sinn’s case, the guy was trying to trigger an anti-slut mechanism in the target. Sinn realized that and countered it by telling the target she wasn’t going to get laid. If she wasn’t going to get laid there would be no way that she would be a “slut”.

In many cases the “safety” of the target is used by others. Often it is a valid and legitimate concern. You need to be proactive and convey to the target and everyone in her set that you are a cool guy that the target can be safe to be alone with.

I’ve had guys who have already been with the girl come in and try to alpha male me in order to get their “sure thing” for another night. You need to make her perceive you as a higher value than him.

I used to whine and bitch when I got cockblocked but I now realize that in almost every situation there was something I could have done to prevent it from happening.

The truth is cockblocking is a fact of life especially when doing night game. You can either be a victim of it or you can learn how to beat it.

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