How To Handle Constructive And Destructive Criticism From Others

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Today I want to talk about handling criticism from others…

You’ll generally receive either CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE criticism…

Destructive Criticism

Destructive critism is given by people who want to tear you down to make themselves feel better.

troll faceThese people do not care about you and can be labeled as “haters” or “trolls”…

The best way to handle this criticism is to ignore it and avoid these types of people. It’s best to give them no reaction, and especially do not get defensive with them.

Understand that they are hurting inside and that’s why they act out in this way…

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism involves suggestions for improvement from people who want to truly help you and see you succeed. They draw attention to how an identified problem could be solved, or how it could be solved better.

This type of criticism is typically given by people who care about you…

The problem is, most people cannot accept constructive criticism about themselves. The truth can help you, but it also hurts.

It took me a long time to become comfortable receiving constructive criticism, but once you are - you can ask your friends to critique you with a promise of no repercussions…

You’ll be surprised how much they know about you and how well they can help you…

In Summary

Ignore destructive criticism and invite constructive criticism.

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