How to Handle Rude Women by Ross Jeffries

Ross JeffriesHere’s Ross Jeffries of Speed Seduction ® fame on how to handle women who react rudely when you approach them…

One of the things I teach newbies who are looking for ways to meet women wherever they might be is this: “90% of the time, the worst that will happen is nothing will happen”.

If a woman doesn’t happen to like your particular approach or opening, it is very rare indeed for her to get nasty, mean or offensive.

Usually, in these cases, she just won’t respond. She’ll simply ignore you or shrug and give very little by way of an answer.

However, sometimes, on rare occasions, women can have what looks like rude reactions.

I say “looks like” because rude implies it is about you and that she is intending to be hurtful.

I have a rule I follow that enables me to meet women and turn around even the seemingly worst first responses that they have.

Here it is: I seldom take a woman’s first response to me as written in stone. It is almost always a function and reflection of what she is thinking, feeling and believing in that moment, and almost always subject to change.

So even if she does yell, call names, etc, I just view it as having nothing to do with me: after all, she doesn’t even know me.

My first interpretation is that she is having a bad day, has some other problem in life, or she has just encountered a guy who didn’t know what he was doing!

In which case, who could blame her for assuming men are clueless twits until they prove otherwise?

What are your choices if this occurs?

1. Discharge it with humor. “I’m sorry…could you repeat that? I was just thinking about my favorite verse from the Bible.”

2. Call her on it by speaking the truth of it: “Hey….nothing I just said deserves that kind of answer. So whomever you are angry at, it isn’t me. “

Personally, I’m not of a mind to give the gift of my attention to someone who isn’t of a mind to receive it, so nowadays I just shrug and move on.

But do understand it is always your choice in how you respond, when you know the tools of Speed Seduction®.

Peace and piece,


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