How To Handle Women Testing You by Carlos Xuma

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Carlos XumaHere’s an article by Carlos Xuma on why women test you and how to handle these tests…


A Woman will be difficult and test you when they think you’re just putting them on.

Maybe she doesn’t buy your “I’m a confident guy” routine. She sees right through you and knows it’s an ACT.

And she knows that if she just pushes it long enough, you’ll cave in and start to crumble like a wet taco.

And that is when the sexual tension completely evaporates. You got into a battle of escalation with her, and you couldn’t stay in the game.

I got into one of these with a SMOKING hot blonde at a Christmas party about 3 years ago. I have to give this woman credit - she was sharper than average, which I’m sure has led her to believe that she could out-game any guy out there she needed to.

Just a few years earlier, I would have been all jello with her and not had the slightest clue that I needed to keep the teasing up. Luckily I had been working on achieving my ultimate inner game and I stayed right in there with her.

(I’m going to reveal what I said that got her to wave the white flag and surrender in just a second…)

Hot women toy with guys like this, not because they’re mean spirited and want to stomp your ego into the gutter.

It’s sport. Pure and simple.

The reality is that it’s survival of the fittest out there, and she’s got to know you’re fit. ANY guy can memorize a few clever one-liners, but she knows that if she keeps playing with you, she’ll know what you’re worth.

The sad fact is that she’s not laughing nearly as much WITH you as she is laughing AT you.

Especially when she sees that she’s starting to win.

So you want to know what my all-purpose killer line that got that blonde to finally cave?

I said this:

“You know, this banter is pretty fun… Still, I’m wondering if you’re just another one of those California blonde girls - or if you’ve got something else going on in there. I suspect you do… I’d like to know what it is.”


Her expression changed in a heartbeat.

And it wasn’t because of the words I said (*though, you’re welcome to use them.)

It was because I said it with such a heartfelt sincerity that she could tell that I WANTED to care about her, but I needed her help in seeing why I should.

From that moment on, she became putty in my hands. I’d flipped the tables on her and put her on the stage to qualify herself to ME.

If I’d just kept up the witty banter thing, that would have gotten old. And eventually - even if I was the one with the stronger reality - she would have just felt like I was in competition with her.

Instead, I dropped the ping-pong match of “who can be funnier and wittier” and got her to get REAL with me. Drop her mask.

Be vulnerable.

The effect this has on women, by the way, is DEVASTATING…

Remember, the reality for an Alpha Man is that he’s never dealing with a “tough girl.” If she’s tough, it’s because she’s putting on a front or a pretense.

I did the same thing with a woman in Vegas when I held my Alpha Immersion Seminar.

We were in the Hard Rock at the bar, and I saw this Latin woman with a gold necklace with a pendant shaped like a gun. I saw that and I knew it was “Game on!”

I went over and said hello, and then I asked her why she wore that necklace. She said it was because she hung out with some tough guys. (The guys she was with were wusses, I could see that.)

I told her this was an act. She wasn’t tough. Underneath this ‘tough girl’ exterior, she was just another woman who needed the love of a good man.

Another of her guy friends (probably the one buying her drinks in the hopes that she will start liking him eventually) chimed in with, “No, man, she is a tough girl. You don’t know her.”

But I did, you see.

I know ALL women just by virtue of knowing how they think, and what they want.

All you have to do is break them down past their silly defense mechanisms and you get down to their soft centers. Yup, just like M&Ms.

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