How To Improve Eye Contact With Women (Body Language Tip)

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Here’s a quick video of Love Systems instructor Hootie about how to improve eye contact.

Hootie just released his new book called “Body Talk: The Definitive Guide on Body Language for Men“. You can check out my Love Systems Body Talk review for more info on it.

For the next few days, he’s offering it at a special introductory price (hint: it’s less than $10.)


I used to have problems looking attractive women in the eye. Strong eye contact is not “creepy”. It is actually attractive. It’s a sign of confidence. I’ve worked hard to improve my contact and it made a world of difference on how others perceive you.

Here’s some more tips about maintaining eye contact from Hootie.

Looking at someone directly in the eyes is a powerful symbol of confidence. Averting your eyes, on the other hand, implies uncertainty and submission.

1. Each morning, have a 5-10 minute conversation with yourself in the mirror. Make sure to look directly in your own eyes 100% of the time throughout the duration of the conversation. Keep the conversation light and relaxed, all the while focusing on maintaining eye contact.

2. Print out a life size picture of a female celebrity that you find attractive. Tape her picture on the wall, and after working on eye contact in the mirror, carry on a new conversation with your poster. This will acclimate you to delivering solid eye contact during a romantic encounter.

3. Use direct eye contact in every interaction throughout the day. Be careful when in business settings as this type of eye contact can come off as aggressive or threatening, but don’t be shy about blasting out direct eye contact to baristas, waitresses, and other folks that you casually encounter. Remember, it might feel creepy to some people, but that’s part of the learning process. You will have to go overboard before you understand where the line is. Once you have had sufficient practice, you can reel it back to a reasonable level for normal and romantic interactions.

Go check out Hootie’s Body Talk now before the price goes up.

It’s casual,

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