How To Kiss A Girl

John Alexander, the author of How To Be An Alpha Male, is back with a new book called How to Be Her Best Lover Ever

In this book, he gives guys advice on how to pleasure women sexually…

Here’s an article by him on kissing women…


Kissing is a crucial part of the sexual process. And yes, kissing is a form of sex.

When humans kiss, it triggers a flurry of activity in the brain and adrenal glands that cause a surge in nerve stimulation and sexual excitement all over the body.

Your (and her) adrenaline glands produce norepinephrine, causing feelings of euphoria, and adrenaline, causing your heart to feel like it’s fluttering with joy and your body to have that queasy, “this person takes my breath away,” feeling.

While all this is going on:

  • * Both of your sex organs are engorging with blood.
  • * Your penis swells in size.
  • * Her vagina becomes wetter.
  • * Sex hormones surge through both of you, increasing both your sexual arousal and your sense of well-being.

Additionally — and this is an important point — a woman’s lips are an erogenous zone. She has a high concentration of nerve endings there, making her even wetter with desire for you when you stimulate those nerve endings.

So the bottom line is that not only should you focus heavily on kissing, you should linger with your kisses and keep on kissing the woman throughout the sexual intercourse.

How to Move in For the Kiss The First Time

When it comes time for your first kiss with a new girlfriend, you can indirectly mention it, using what I like to call the “Rate Your Kiss” Technique.

Here’s how the “Rate Your Kiss” Technique works. When you feel like the mood is right for the kiss, you say, “How would you rate your kissing ability on a
scale of 1 to 10?”

She may answer or she may not, but at that point 95+% of the time the woman will open her lips and you can move your face towards hers.

Other than that technique, there is a big non-verbal signal to look for that says, “Kiss me now, my dream man!” The technique in a nutshell is this…

As you move your face and lips very close to hers (after having already inhaled the scent of her hair and so on), watch for her to slightly part her lips and have them go soft. Usually a woman will also close her eyes, though not always.

By the way, do this with your steady girlfriend/wife too, not just with a girl you’re having sex with for the first time.

When you move in, concentrate not on kissing her, but on brushing your lips against hers. Trust me, she’ll melt into you and the two of you will be kissing full-on in no time.

Kiss for awhile, slowly. Have your mouth open. Wait for her tongue. Once the tip of her tongue enters your mouth, match what she does.

The Most Important Thing for You to Know About Kissing

Kissing differs from many other sexual activities in that it’s one of the few things that you do with a woman in which you should let her take the lead. When it comes to activities such as eating her out and penetrating her, you should take the lead. But again, not with kissing.

One of the biggest mood-killers for a woman is when a guy jams his tongue into her mouth before she’s ready. So just relax during the kissing and mirror what she does.

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