How To Know If Your Ex Wants To Get Back Together

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Kevin asked me the following question about knowing if your ex wants to get back together:

“if you run into an ex that you haven’t seen in years, and she tells you she’s single (even when you don’t ask about her relationship status) is that a hint that she’d like to get back together with you?”

Good question Kevin…

In general, if a girl is quick to let you know she is ’single’… she’s into you. If she’s quick to say she has a ‘boyfriend’… she’s not.

Since you had a prior relationship with her, it makes the subject more topical and her admittance less foreshadowing.

Obviously you want her back. The fact she’s single makes your path to getting her back less complicated. Ask her to meet-up for a drink and catch up at a specific time and place. Then escalate things with her.

Maybe you’ll get her back… maybe you’ll get some rebound sex… maybe you’ll get rejected.

You can’t read anyone’s mind but your own. If you want something, go for it. Don’t wait around for an obvious green light because it might never come. There’s nothing to lose by taking action and trying.

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Thanks for your question and best of luck my friend.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight


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