How To Look Confident When You Walk

If you want to look attractive to women, you need to have good posture when walking…

I’m tall and used to walk slouched and facing down. It made me look evasive and shy.

I taught myself how to walk with a strong, confident gait. With these 5 tips, you can look confident when you walk too.

1.) Practice in front of a mirror, reflective window or video camera

It’s important to see yourself in action. I often walk in front of business windows where I can clearly see my reflection. You can also use the large mirrors at a gym, dressing room or dance studio. Otherwise, film yourself with your cellphone and watch the footage later.

2.) Keep your head up, back straight and your shoulders back

Slouching or leaning over when walking looks bad. Keep your back straight and look directly forward. Keeping your shoulders back will make your chest stick out and your gut seem smaller. It will also help you appear to be taller.

3.) Use a shorter gait

Most guys walk by bringing one foot forward and keeping the back foot stationary. Once the front foot is planted, they drag the back foot forward perpendicular to the ground with the toe initially pointing down. This gait is efficient when running, but looks bad when walking. More importantly, there’s a good possibility of tripping if the walking surface isn’t even (your toe can hit something when bringing it forward).

Walking with a half gait allows you to keep a straight back and not have the need to look down. The knee on your lead foot does not bend when going up, only when coming down. The knee on the trailing foot doesn’t bend at all. Think of it as walking on the balls of your feet instead of walking on your toes.

Picture a running back high stepping into the end zone or a toy soldier marching. You’re going to have to take more shorter steps, but it will look much more attractive.

4.) Swing your shoulders not your arms

Swing the opposing shoulder towards your lead foot. For example, swing your right shoulder in when you bring your left foot forward. This looks much more powerful and confident compared to a man leaving his shoulders stationary and flailing his arms back and forth like a little girl.

5.) Put some swagger in it

Keep your gait wide. Appear like you own the place. Move in a smooth fashion, not twitchy or jerky. Swing your hips a bit. Let the girls know you’re the boss.

Sometimes putting your hands in your pocket when walking will help you achieve this better.

There you go…

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Mack Tight