How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thinking

I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers that I had to make a podcast about…

He has a lot of negative thinking and makes excuses for his perceived lack of success. Ironically, he identifies them as “limiting beliefs” yet keeps trying to rationalize them.

I try to give him some quick tips and suggestions, and along the way I say the phrase “stop that” at least a hundred times.

Give it a listen below:

[audio:|titles=Excuses and Limiting Beliefs|artists=Mack Tight]

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If you ask me, the number one problem with guys who are stuck spinning their wheels is social anxiety

It’s a cognitive thinking problem. Your mind shoots you in the foot and inhibits your progress. In the seduction community, we refer to it by terms like “approach anxiety” and “inner game”.

What you need to do is “reprogram” your brain if you suffer from anxieties, limiting beliefs, negative thinking and excuses…

The best program for achieving this is Carlos Xuma’s Ultimate Inner Game

I have it, and it’s much better than similar programs out there. Many of those are short programs that focus on hocus-pocus cures like hypnosis and “tapping”.

Carlos instead approaches it by using clinically proven cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatments.

This program is HUGE and covers a lot of ground. It will HAMMER positive thinking and confidence into you by the time you’re done. It’s going to take some time, but if you stick with it you are sure to overcome your issues.

Check it out by clicking here…