How To Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs

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Here’s an article by Brad P on how to overcome self limiting beliefs


Anyone have a self limiting belief?

I hear them all the time. I even used to have a few myself.

The most common ones i hear are people complaining that pickup
won’t work for them because they are….

* not good looking
* short
* too old
* too young
* have no money
* too inexperienced with girls

Guys who have these have a very hard time leaving them behind.

While some of these beliefs may have some grain of truth, thinking
about them and analyzing them is an exercise in futility. That time
would be better spent working on some part of your game and being

I could go on a long list of facts and examples that disproves each
one of these self-limiting beliefs, but sometimes it seems that this is
something that doesn’t even help people.

What the hell, I’ll write it one more time anyway….

I’ve seen a 55 year old man pull a hot 25 year old girl for a one night
stand (”old” Self Limiting Belief).

Also, I might add that all the big name gurus are pushing 40 right now.

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There are probably 10 or more well known coaches who are under 5 foot 9
and they are known to pull as well as average or tall guys. I’ve seen
some of these guys pull chicks, and I’ve seen short students pull chicks…
like TONS of times. (”short” Self Limiting Belief)

Guys around age 18 tend to get dismissed by girls 19+ and girls under 17
are jailbait….so they can get a Self Limiting Belief about that. But… I’ve
seen some of them who get laid a ton. They bang older chicks. Some of
them lie about their age and that works OK. Some of them just never
address the age thing. Some just say I’m 18 SO WHAT??

For me the problem when i was learning was being tall and goofy. I have
been told my whole life that I’m tall and goofy, and I had started to
believe it. I had to model myself after other tall guys who could get
chicks, but this was hard, since there are many tall guys who were
in the same boat as me, and could not get any chicks.

But i eventually found some, and I did 6 months of work on my posture
and body language. Also, seeing some tall guys who were good at
pick-up helped, and eventually I was cured. Now I think it’s kind of
funny people complain about not being tall, because it was a huge
curse for me, but I guess if you’re the kind of guy who likes to look
for a reason to fail, YOU WILL FIND ONE.

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The most disturbing thing I’ve seen lately is a 5 foot 10 guy who’s
better looking than all 3 coaches he was working with complaining
about being short and that the coaches had more natural advantages
than him.

So here’s a quick step by step plan for beating these ideas.

1- accept that any idea is just an idea and it can be changed.

2- start being open to new ideas and pay attention to ideas that
disprove your old idea.

3- Work on a few parts of your game that are unrelated to your
self limiting belief. Try to forget about it for a while and just work
on something else.

4- Work on being a positive person in general. Most self-limiting beliefs
are symptoms of a larger problem, overall negativity. When you feel
negative all the time, it manifests itself in strange ways. It has to take
some form and shape in your self talk. You may have “free floating anger”
or “free floating negativity” which ends up coming out in the form of
“I’m too old!”

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- Brad P.

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