How to Pick Up Girls at the Gym

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If you’re into fitness, I can assume that you hang out in gyms and personal fitness centers a lot.

Guess what?

The hottest girls you will ever meet in your life are also fitness buffs who go to the gym as often as you do.

The only question is how to grab their attention while they’re busy working out, attending yoga or pilates sessions, and monitoring their progress on the treadmill.

Here are three tips on how to pick up girls at the gym.

1. Be a “Spot-her” Spotter.

When you see a woman who’s having trouble with her routine and her personal trainer is not around, be a Good Samaritan and help her out. You probably won’t be welcome to hit on her while she’s finishing her workout, but you will be able to introduce yourself to her in a way that isn’t contrived.

2. Get Her Schedule.

You can guess her daily exercise routine just by observing what time she’s around. Now, you need to do your workout a few hours before she comes in so you can saunter over easily when she’s taking her break. There’s no use busting your own routine just to pick up girls at the gym, lest they think you’re only there to hit on girls.

3. Small talk.

At the gym, you’re sure to see her again after a few days or within the week, so you can’t risk hitting on her too hard that she will ignore you the next time she sees you at the gym. When you can say hello to her and expect a smiling reply, you know you’re one step closer to discussing more personal things with her.

If you really want to learn how to pick up girls at the gym, you must first master the art of timing. Remember that you’re both in that place for one primary purpose (working out), and your interaction must play second fiddle to that.

But don’t fret if you can’t seem to close the deal at once. You’re bound to see her again because you share the same space, which means you have plenty of time to make your move after you’ve started talking to her.

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