How to Pick Up Girls on Halloween

Here’s a quick article by Joseph Matthews AKA Thundercat with some tips on how to pickup girls this Halloween…

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One of the BEST pick-up holidays of the year is tonight.

Face it - if you were going to go out and meet a chick, Halloween is the time to do so.

Why? Because - Halloween makes women more exhibitionist!

There’s something so much more freeing about dressing up and pretending to be someone you aren’t.

This means that on Halloween night, women will tend to be more outgoing, more flirtatious, and much more FRISKY than they normally would be!

Not only that - but Halloween is a time for parties!

This means “easy pickings” for all you Pick-Up Artists out there.

So here are my tips for a successful Halloween night:

1. Plan ahead!

Halloween usually means lots of special events and parties. Try and get a line on as many Halloween parties and gatherings as you can.

Ask your friends, check your local paper, and write down every event which sounds good to you.

Plan on hitting all of them if you can. If you find a good event, you can stay there, but it’s always nice to have alternatives!

2. Have a great costume!

Halloween is the one day out of the year where guys can get away with MURDER.

The best costumes for getting chicks on Halloween are usually sexual in nature.

Last year, I wore a lab coat with the letters “Breast Inspector” on it, and had a fake doctor’s stethoscope around my neck.

All night long, I had women coming up to me asking to have their breasts inspected! (I kid you not)

That is the power of having a great costume!

3. Take advantage of the night!

Don’t just settle for a phone number on Halloween. This is a night to push for the FULL MONTEY.

After Halloween is over, the “magic” will wear off and the women you meet won’t be as outgoing.

You want to strike while the iron is HOT!

So push hard for getting physical with any girl you meet on Halloween. Trust me - it WILL work!

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So study up before Halloween! You’ll be glad you did.

Talk soon!

Joseph Matthews

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