How To Pick Up Girls While Christmas Shopping

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This weekend is going to be busy with people trying to buy the last of their Xmas gifts…

Here’s Derek Lamont with some tips on how to pickup girls while Christmas shopping…


It’s that time of year again!

People are out and about buying Christmas presents for loved ones…

Sure, it can be a huge hassle, but only if you let it be a huge hassle. My friends and I have all
agreed that picking up girls while Christmas shopping is just so DEAD EASY.

There are just so many things to say to beautiful women who are shopping for Christmas presents.

Here’s a little routine I’d like to use on a girl shopping for Christmas presents…

Look for a girl who’s just browsing by herself… then start looking at the same stuff she’s looking
at. Using your body language, just kind of ignore her and keep your distance to start with. You
don’t want to appear “threatening”…

Then pop the question.

“Hey, you look like someone who would know this! I’m shopping for my niece. She’s 8… you think
this would be good?”

She would be most delighted to tell you!

Remember - body language is key in this situation. Never face her directly. Keep your body
facing towards the gifts! And SMILE!

Keep chatting - talk about what she would get. Talk about why she thinks it would be a good

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Derek Lamont

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