How to Pickup Girls at a Night Club (even when you’re Afraid to Dance)

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Here’s an article by Brad P describing his dance floor method that can be used even if you don’t know how to dance…

Give these tips a try the next time you go to a night club…


PUA Dance Floor Method
by Brad P

I’ve noticed that most men have lots of fears about dancing. We’ve all felt intimidated by the dance floor at some point. It’s filled with hot chicks, but they usually don’t seem friendly. It seems like they just want to lure you in so they can tell you to get lost or turn their back on you.

Some of the hottest girls are at the dance clubs. If you’re not a great dancer, what should you do?

I’m going to share with you my method of attracting women in a dance club even if you can’t dance that well. I’ve taught this method to lots of different types of guys. Most guys can pull it off if they are open to experimenting.

It’s really simple. There’s only a few steps to it.

1. When you get in to the club or bar, walk directly to the dance floor. Make eye contact with women as you go, but don’t stop to talk much. At the most, give a nod or a quick hi.

2. When you get to the dance floor, look for a group of girls dancing in a circle. They’re on their “Girls Night Out.” The circle seems impenetrable to most guys, but it’s really not.

3. Once you find a group like this, cut through the crowd and jump directly into the middle of their circle. Start dancing full force. Don’t dance silly, but be sure you are as into it as anyone else around. Throw your hands over your head. That move will usually get the girls screaming. It conveys that your energy level is the highest, and the girls will immediately raise their energy level to match yours. The key here is that you are not that creepy guy who hovers outside the circle. The girls do not even see you coming, but when you jump in you instantly take over the social group.

4. Dance with each girl individually for 1-2 minutes. Spin them, dip them, then move on to the next. As you leave each girl, be sure to tell her “You’re elimidated.”

5. Leave the dance floor and talk to the women lingering at the bar or the surrounding areas.

The idea here is not to pursue any of the women on the dance floor. If one of them gets interested, that’s fine. However it’s not the goal. The goal is to target the women in the surrounding areas. These women are sometimes watching. From a distance it will look like every girl on the dance floor wants you, but you are too cool for any of them. This creates powerful attraction.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do approaches after you leave the dance floor. You will feel great inside, and that vibe is contagious. Everyone will notice you.

Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention. In a high energy social setting like this, women all flock to the guy who has other women interested. Once they see other women interested in you, there’s a little voice inside their head that says “There’s just something about him.”

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Talk soon

-Brad P.

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