How To Pickup Women In The Library

When I was going to UWEC the college library was the social mecca between 7-11pm Sunday through Wednesday. There was more socializing and flirting than there was studying and book reading.

Unfortunately back then I was a coward. I basically sat at a table with my friends and bullshitted. We pretended to study and gawked at all the hot women at the tables around us or walking by.

I wasted perfect opportunities to approach hot women in a great environment.

Don’t make my mistake! If you are in college take advantage of these opportunities…

…and here is some advice from David Deangelo on this topic to help you out…


Hi David,

I spend a lot of time in the library these days studying for an exam - Psychology of all things- but it hasn’t helped because oftentimes I see an attractive girl at the next table or perhaps a cute girl walks past - never to be seen again. My problem is that I’m totally at a loss as to what to say and how to arrange it so we meet in what seems like a natural and unsuspicious way. I can’t just go up to a study-table and suddenly introduce myself and I’m certainly not going to follow anyone around. Any suggestions?



Like I say in my book “Double Your Dating“… women KNOW what you’re doing when you approach them. Heck, even if you’re just being nice and friendly they’ll SUSPECT that you’re picking up on them.

So, get over this “unsuspicious way” idea.

What… do you want to start talking about math or anthropology, then slide in under her radar with your smooth Mac Daddy techniques… and have her wake up enamored with you?

Well, now that I put it this way…

Just sit close and start up a conversation. Ask them what they’re studying. Say anything. Then be cocky & funny. Say you have to go, that it’s been nice chatting… and “Hey, are you on Facebook?”

Quit trying to be the “Secret Agent Mac” of the campus. And besides, women think that men who are self conscious approaching them are WUSSIES.

And, in case you didn’t know this, WUSSIES DON’T GET WOMEN ALL HOT AND BOTHERED.

Revenge Of The Nerds will NEVER happen to you.

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