How To Portray Confidence

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Mark BelmontHere’s Mark Belmont, author of The Handsome Factor program, with some tips on how to portray confidence around women…


In this article, I’m going to reveal a couple little-known techniques
that will allow you to outwardly convey a sense of confidence.

Most people agree that self-confidence is a crucial prerequisite
to success. Not just success with women and dating - although
that’s certainly one major benefit - but success in the world of
business, friendships, and life in general.

Unfortunately for the most part you can’t “fake”
self-confidence, it’s something that you develop as you improve
various facets of your life, such as your appearance. If you try
too hard, or just seem unnatural, people will definitely catch on
pretty quickly.

That said, there are a few tricks that can be used to
successfully convey a sense of confidence. As an added benefit,
putting these techniques to use will also gradually increase your
own self-esteem. If you’re dedicated and really work at it,
you’ll notice yourself really beginning to believe that you can
be successful, which is how true self-confidence is developed.

***Technique #1: Use correct body posture.

This is a very, very important method of conveying confidence.
Many expert “pick up artists” choose to teach their students body
posture before anything else because it immediately indicates a man’s
confidence level.

Body posture is more than just sitting up straight. It means
standing tall, with your stomach in and chest out. Don’t
over-exaggerate this, just make sure you’re not slumped over and
letting your stomach droop to the floor.

Your shoulders should be back slightly, and your head up. Many
people have a subconscious slump that not only takes at least a
half inch off their height, but it also makes them look timid and

Alpha males walk with their heads held high, they shake hands
with a firm grip, and they speak loudly and with authority. You
want to be seen as an alpha male.

By doing all of these things correctly - and be careful not to
go overboard - you will notice that people pay more attention
when you speak, and tend to be more likely to stare at you as you
enter a room. Women will almost certainly gravitate towards you
if you’re oozing with confidence.

Over time this conscious attempt to convey confidence will turn
into genuine self-confidence. By the time that happens, you
won’t need to “pretend” to be confident, because your self-esteem
will have skyrocketed.

***Technique #2: Buy clothes that only someone who is confident
in their sense of fashion would wear.

By this I am referring to wearing clothes that are a bit edgy, trendy,
or different.

You’ll need to be careful with this one, because choosing the
wrong clothes can look downright awful. The trick is to find
clothes that are both socially acceptable but also stylish and

As an example, let’s say you work in an office environment.
Everyone is used to seeing you wear a white shirt, blue blazer,
and bland khaki pants.

Something “edgy” and trendy for this setting might be a dark
purple shirt and a silver tie. Or better yet, how about a
light-colored gray pinstripe suit with a white shirt, light green
skinny tie, and a silver tie bar?

Even for weekends and casual occasions, you can still portray a
sense of confidence with your fashion choice. One great way to
start is by going into a favorite store and identifying a
clothing item you think is trendy and cool, but that you would
never own yourself. There’s usually plenty of these in every
store - maybe it’s a hat, a belt, ripped and faded jeans, or even
a t-shirt with some crazy designs.

Now, instead of saying “I don’t think I would look good in
that,” try it on. Ask a friend, a store employee, or even a
stranger what they think. You’d probably be surprised at what
can look good on you. Do this a few times and you’ll end up with
a wardrobe that’s trendier, edgier, and conveys a stronger sense
of confidence. Wear these items regularly, and your confidence
actually will improve.

Most people are blown away by the incredible affect that your
appearance and your image can have on confidence and self-esteem.

One of my customers told me he used to be extremely timid,
quiet, and unsure of himself. After following my step-by-step
program and making some big changes to his image, he emailed me
because his new boss told him that he was hired for a PR job
because of his obvious self-confidence! (I’m not kidding…
that’s true story from Brandon in Akron, Ohio who bought the
program Oct 20th, 2009).

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Not only will I show you how convey confidence -
my step-by-step guide will dramatically enhance your
appearance and your overall image. As I mentioned earlier,
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social, and romantic success!

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Talk to you soon,

Mark Belmont

PS. That third confidence-enhancing technique? Well, it’ll also
improve your appearance overall and most likely your chances of
success with women, too.

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