How To Practice Self-Love And Learn To Love Yourself

Here’s an article by David Wygant on how to practice self love
(and he doesn’t mean masturbating :-) )…

Learning to accept yourself is a key to boosting self-confidence…


I received a great question the other day from a guy on Facebook.
He asked me, “How do you practice self love?”

Well, first of all I have a program called “What’s Your Excuse?” that
contains an entire audio volume on self love. It talks about how to go
on the journey to self love and I also tell my own story and journey to
self love.

As to the question of how to practice self love, there are a number of
ways to do this. You should start writing down everything about who
you are as a person.

Answer these questions when you are writing this all down. What are
your strong points? What are your weak points? Do you respect who
you are as a person? Do you respect your choices?

Do you look at every single day as a gift or as a challenge? If you look
at it as a challenge, do you accept that challenge as your gift or do you
see that challenge as something that means you’re lacking?

Self love means being able to look in the mirror every single day and admire
your strengths and your weaknesses. If you embrace your strengths and
accept your weaknesses as a challenge, it means that you are accepting
of who you really are as a person.

We’re not perfect. We’re all flawed, but every time you accept yourself you
fall more in love with yourself.

When you really start accepting yourself, you will run into people who drive
you up the wall. Do you know why they do that?

It is because life is a mirror. It is because they are teaching you things you
need to learn about yourself. That is why they drive you crazy.

What's Your Excuse David WygantSo life should be a daily occurrence of falling in love with yourself. Meet every
challenge head on and accept when you fail, because failure is just a temporary

Remember that if you fail at something today, that does not mean you are going
to fail at it permanently. It just means that at this point in time, today, you didn’t
get it right. The next day, go out and embrace that challenge all over again.

For those of you who want to dive deeper into this, my Men’s What’s Your Excuse?
has a volume on self love that will get you not only to fall in love with yourself
but also to accept yourself.

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