How to Prevent Cockblocking by Roosh V

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RooshV PUARoosh V is the author of Roosh Bang. He is like no other seduction guru out there.

I have had several readers tell me that gurus annoy them because they never admit failure. They pretend to be infallible even though we all know that no one is perfect.

In this article Roosh admits he messed up in handling a cockblock and accesses on how he should prevent it in the future.

How refreshing is that!

How to Stop Cockblocking by RooshV

I was in a bar and found myself standing near a cute girl who was dancing with some guy. I wanted to observe for a few seconds to see if they were experiencing a love connection or not. I must have taken too long because when I was about to make my move, the girl’s fat friend gets in front of me and says, “You want her, don’t you? You so want her. She’s hot isn’t she?”

She said it with such disdain. It put me on the spot and I didn’t have a good comeback. I said, “No hablo ingles,” a terribly weak response. I just wasn’t prepared.

Even after the fact, there isn’t an obvious correct move. If you say yes then you show your cards right away, but if you say no then you set yourself up for, “So why are you looking at her? Why are you talking to her? It’s obvious you like her.”

This cockblock was so effective that I had a dream about it. After some thinking I harnessed its power and adapted it for use on other guys. If a guy is moving in on a girl you are interested in, ask him, “Do you like her?” Your tone will be neutral, like you are just curious.

If he says yes then you can put him in a weak position by saying, “Well you should buy her a drink then!” If he buys her a drink then he’s just another beta in the bar and if he doesn’t buy her a drink then it looks awkward because he just verbally admitted his affection for her.

If he says he doesn’t like her or weasels out of answering, then say, “Well there are a lot of girls here. I’m sure you will find someone who you like if you keep trying. Don’t give up!” He’s done. It’s like you are giving him relationship advice.

He is going to scramble and say something like, “Oh, um, I’m not here to pick up girls.” Now he just put his dick in a box. Without even raising your voice or having to get tough, you can suck the game out of any guy with very simple word-plays. This technique worked on me even though I spend the bulk of my time thinking about these things.

It’s okay to get bitched in the field. But it’s not okay to get bitched in the same way twice. A great thing about experience is that you put yourself in a lot of situations that you will see more than once. Your down time is spent thinking about how to react for the next time.

That’s all it means to have “tight” game — to be ready for whatever is thrown at you. It’s about refining and improving what you do even if a line or technique “works.”

So I thought about what to say the next time a fat girl asks me if I like her friend. I’ll say, “Why do you ask, do you want me to like her? Because I like everyone!” Then I’ll put my arms around both girls and say how I’m having a great time. All this is done with a huge smile on my face. I want to squash her negativity with a fun party vibe that makes her look really bad if she continues cockblocking.

I think this is much better than saying “I don’t speak English” in Spanish. And if this doesn’t work, I’ll just think of something else.

It’s through this experimentation mindset that I went from being a chump who didn’t get laid to the guy that piss off other guys in the clubs. I’m sure they thought.. “How is THAT guy talking to her?” But before then I couldn’t even get laid in a whorehouse (yeah, it was that bad). But I was dedicated and put myself out in the field, experimenting on everything from approaching girls and talking to them to when to call and what types of places to take out on dates.

I recorded my final results, the techniques THAT WORK, in my book Bang. It took a long time to write but I’m happy to have created a reference guide that other guys can count on.

If you find yourself in the place where the girls you want are passing on you, then I think the skills I teach will help you get them. For more information about my “More Lays In 60 Days” resource, click here.

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  • Gregory Arkadin
    August 5th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    I could have used this advice the other day. I opened a girl in a two set that had broken up, and was just starting to get interest from the hb when all of sudden her porky friend (who I thought was being isolated by another guy ) came in and said “Are you hitting on my friend?…she is my girlfirend” implying they were lesbians. I just said “I haven’t decided yet”

  • Mystik
    July 20th, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Honestly, It sounds to me like her friend wanted to help you, not cock block. Remember, she approached you and qualified her friend to you.

    - “You want her, don’t you? You so want her. She’s hot isn’t she?”

    Answer: - “Yeah… she’s ok…” with a little disdain.

    Then introduce yourself immediately to the fat girl, then to the guy and finally the target. Do not wait for her friend to introduce you, you’ll look weak. You make your own decision as the leader of the pack now.

    You could for example ask how they met each other or run something like the (old) best friends routine.

    I can’t say for sure in this case but the idea that friends will always cock block for each other on every occasion is not necessarily true, many times girls will be cool with guys and help them get their friend. In my experience that is specially true in two sets for some reason.

    But… its easy to say when you’re not on the spot.

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