How to Score On The First Date

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Here’s 3 quick tips on how to score on the first date.

It’s written by Nick Savoy, President of Love Systems and author of the Magic Bullets Seduction & Dating Handbook.


I’m not a fan of the idea of spending money to attract women. You actually REDUCE your chances with most women if they think you’re trying to impress them by spending money.

Here are four quick rules for having successful dates even if you have to cut back on spending.


RULE #1: Skip Dinner


Dinner is a clich├ęd date. She’s been on hundreds of dinner dates. Right away you are conveying that you are “safe,” “conventional,” and “just another guy.”

A dinner date suggests that she should be thinking of you as a potential boyfriend (as opposed to some of the more exciting dates I list below). Women don’t tend to sleep with “potential boyfriends” until they are sure, so you will be dating-and-waiting for longer than you need to be.

The nicer the dinner, the LONGER you will probably have to wait. Sounds counterintuitive, right?

You see it all the time in movies. The nice guy takes the girl out for a nice dinner and they end up dating. Does that work in the real world? NO.

She knows you want to sleep with her. If you’ve proven that you’re willing to take her to nice dinners while you wait for her, she’ll make you wait even longer, and get more nice dinners.

Even tactically, dinners are bad: You’ll likely be sitting across from each other, making normal touching difficult. It’s hard to get physical and intimate.

Remember: You can’t talk a woman into bed. Dinner also puts a lot of pressure on your conversation skills, since there is no major external source of entertainment.

YOU are the entertainment. That’s fine, but why make it more difficult for yourself? Depending on the kind of restaurant and what she orders - after a big dinner, people usually feel sluggish or bloated, not energetic and sexy.

first date sex

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RULE #2: Do Things that are Always Inexpensive, Instead of Doing Something Expensive “On The Cheap”


Don’t pull out a 2-for-1 coupon, order tap water at a bar, or be a bad tipper. Women notice these things. Try dates that are inherently inexpensive:

* Museums, aquariums, zoos, galleries
* Local live music or theatre
* Comedy clubs
* Hiking or outdoors stuff
* Window shopping
* The beach
* The track (I love taking daytime weekend dates to watch the horse races - minimum bet is usually $2 and it’s lots of fun)
* Dessert - far more sensual and romantic than dinner
* Think of your own!

Some of these aren’t full dates by themselves, but as experienced guys know (or anyone who has read Magic Bullets) stacking some shorter dates together is better than one long date anyway.


RULE #3: Don’t Try to Split the Bill or “Go Dutch”


If she insists on paying for part of the date, let her. Make sure that she’s really insisting though, and not just being polite by offering to pay.

Quick Quiz: Is it fair that men traditionally have to pay for dates? Blunt Answer: Who cares?

In order words, a true pickup artist accepts the world as it is and uses this knowledge to lead a happy life, full of beautiful women.

Wishing the world were different won’t make it different. You can either make a big deal out of the fact that men are generally expected to pay for dates, or you can have beautiful women in your life.

Your choice.

I want to mention a couple of more important things. First if you want to get to the point where you are getting dates from women consistently, than you must understand how ATTRACTION works, and how to make women feel that powerful emotion.

Where can you learn this stuff?

I recommend you check out my book “The Magic Bullets Handbook” where we go into greater detail of the steps on how to go from having a conversation all the way to the bedroom. Learn more about Magic Bullets here:



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