How To Stay Just Fuck Buddies

Damn women, always trying to tie a brother down ;-)

Don’t worry, this article by dating coach Brad P will tell you how to stay only fuck buddies…

My magic 8 ball predicts there will be no pussy whipping in your future :-)


Dealing with Girls Who Want Relationships
by Brad P

If you’ve been going out a lot, you’ll start meeting girls who want you all to themselves and try to rope you into a long term relationship (LTR). But what if you want to keep her around, and still fuck other chicks?

Here’s my take on keeping these LTRs at bay. I’ve been able to keep things as open relationships or fuck buddy status for months, even years using these ideas.

#1 Keep the amount of contacts per week down!

#2 Present a lifestyle that is busy and crazy so the girl knows intuitively you’re not the exclusive relationship type.

#3 Avoid “define the relationship ” (DTR) discussions. You can avoid them by:

- Sidestepping (use funny comebacks then change the subject)

- If they really press you can get into a talk about self help and how you’re experimenting with non-traditional lifestyles and ideas about relationships as a matter of personal growth.

#4 If the girl gives you LTR vibes early on, she’s either psycho, needy, poorly calibrated, or honestly ONLY has interest in LTRs. Figure it out FAST if she’s in any of the above categories. If she is in one of those categories GET OUT and start over.

Girls are smart these days, their magazines tell them all kinds of ways to trap you into a LTR without ever bringing up the topic.

I go into relationship management in depth in seminar 6 of my Underground Dating Seminar: download your copy of it here.

Hope this helps!

Brad P.

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