How To Stop Cockteasing

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Here’s an article about why women cock-tease and how to prevent it…


I’m about to reveal why women flirt, tease and then reject you after
leading you on for hours and hours… Sometimes days or even weeks.
And by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to turn her flirting
into actual seduction. So she won’t be teasing and flirting with you,
she’ll be seducing YOU and trying her best to get into YOUR pants.

Here’s something I have to mention: These techniques can be used
for fun, games and play in the right hands… While they can be used
for evil in the wrong hands. So please, use them wisely.

That being said, have you ever wondered why women will act interested
and touchy, and then suddenly go cold? The answer is deceptively simple:
She starts out being attracted to you and then something happens.
Something causes her to lose attraction. Something transforms you from
potent, powerful seducer into just another friend… or worse…. just another
guy who wants to get into her pants.

Don’t worry! You didn’t DO anything wrong! You probably only followed
what you read, or said what worked before with other women! On the
surface, it looks like you did everything right. However, when you think
of women like a puzzle, you’ll start to understand what went wrong:

You see, in a jigsaw puzzle, there are puzzle pieces and there are holes.
Pretty simple, right? Just put a piece into a hole, then repeat until your
puzzle is finished. However, if you try to force the wrong piece into the
wrong hole, it simply doesn’t fit. No matter how hard you push, or how
much it SHOULD fit… It simply won’t. It’s the same with women:

All women are different. Every woman has a different “puzzle piece” she
needs to be attracted to a man more than just friends. Some women need
comfort. Some women need sexual tension. Some women need to feel like
they just met the most confident man in the world. And when you approach
a woman who needs comfort with confidence… well…. You simply won’t “fit”,
no matter how hard you try.

Again, it’s not your fault! Until recently, all dating advice for men applied this
“all women are the same” policy because it’s the only way to teach dating:
They gave you rules that work 60% of the time and asked you to be OK with
the results. That’s like using the same puzzle piece to solve different puzzles.
Yeah, sometimes you’ll hit a jackpot and match up with a woman… However,
most of the time, you won’t.

That’s why I was extremely excited when I heard about a brand-new,
scientific psychological study a few unlikely researchers conducted on
women’s deepest desires. And I was floored by their results! You see, they
discovered that all women like different things in men when they first meet
a man, when they first have sex, and when they settle down into a relationship.

In fact, in all 3 of these categories, women are split 50/50 down the middle!
Which means that if you’re using the same strategy for ALL women, you’re only
right 1 in 8 times! That’s a .125 batting average – barely good enough for the
minor leagues.

Here’s the really cool part: These unlikely heroes used this discovery to put
together a set of rules that work for ALL women, 100% of the time. And if
you’d like to find out more about their discovery, all you gotta do is

Think about the difference this will make in your dating and sex life! You’ll
never worry about her “just flirting” ever again, because you’ll always have
the right piece of the puzzle in your possession at all times. And you’ll know
how to “diagnose” what type of woman she is, almost instantly.

If you pass by this study, you’ll be stuck in the flirting cycle forever. And
they’ve even published their findings because of this survey absolutely
FREE for men like you, so check it out: CLICK HERE…

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