How To Talk To Women On The Train, Bus and Subway

I just got back from a 2 week trip to Switzerland. I was amazed by the quality of their public transportation. I was even more impressed by the quality of women who used the buses and trains.

how to talk to women on the train bus subway girlsI can see many factors that make public transportation more desirable there than in the U.S. The trains were always on time. Swiss gas was $8 per gallon vs. $3.50 here. The bus and train depots were clean, safe, convenient and utilized the best in technology.

In my area of the U.S., it seems like the bus is used only by those who don’t drive cars, often due to health or financial reasons. Call me shallow, but this typically means it’s not a “target rich environment” to say the least.

So what does that mean for the typical U.S. car commuter like myself? It means that you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to pickup girls by fighting rush hour traffic alone in your Hyundai.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a country or U.S. city that offers good public transportation, I recommend you take advantage of it. At the very least, try taking the train, bus or subway once just to see what it is like. It could give you an opportunity to set next to a hot girl, strike up a conversation, get her number…. or even more.

Based on my experiences… here’s some tips on how to talk to women on the train, bus or subway:

Use Seating Etiquette

Similar to “urinal etiquette”… I use “seating etiquette”. If the train is crowded, I will set right next to or facing the hottest girl I see. If the bus is empty, I’ll set across the aisle from the hottest girl. The key is to be within proximity to socialize with her without creeping her out by invading her personal space. If you’re not an American, this might not be applicable to you… personal space is a lot bigger of an issue here than in other countries.

Start With The Basics

In Switzerland, I started by asking the girl “do you speak English” because unfortunately I do not speak German. Otherwise, “good morning” or “hi” will get the ball rolling if you’re not feeling particularly witty that day. You can even fall back on the tried and true topic of the weather.

Use Props

I usually say that using props to open women is weird. So don’t take your Pez dispensers and tarot cards to the bar. But props do have their place, and that’s on the train and bus. Something as simple as a headline on a newspaper you’re reading or a bookmarked webpage on your smartphone can aid in sparking a conversation with a girl.

Use Observational And Opinion Openers

You can talk to women on the train, bus or subway by commenting on something she’s wearing, carrying or reading. You can comment on something another person is wearing, carrying or reading. You can ask an opinion opener about a restaurant you just drove by “hey, have you even ate at that House Of Thai?” The cool thing about a bus or train is there’s a constant influx of people and places to comment on.

Identify Her Routine And Act Timely

It’s important to find out if she rides that route on a regular basis. If not, that means you might never see her again and time is limited. Her stop could only be a minute away. You need to create comfort and attraction fast. There’s no time to mess around.

Ask For Her Number Or Offer A Mini-Date

Your ultimate goal is to see her again OFF the bus. To do this, you’re going to need her phone number. Ask for it. If you seem to be hitting it off good, you can offer her a spontaneous “mini-date” to an interesting place along the route. Ask her if she’s hungry or thirsty and suggest she joins you at your favorite local bistro for a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee.

Be Fun, Be Smart, Be “Calibrated”

Like always, be fun when talking to women on the bus, subway and train. Smile and tease. Be “calibrated”, don’t be overly aggressive or creepy. If you push and the girl still doesn’t seem to want to talk to you, get up and go set in proximity to the next hot girl. The bus is not a night club. Some women will be preoccupied or not be open to conversing. That’s her right. Don’t take it personal and just move on.


In reality, you could ride a route next to a college or shopping district and just hit on girls. It presents you with a perfect situation where being social is highly acceptable and helps pass time. It feels “natural” to talk to women on the train Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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It’s casual,

Mack Tight