How To Tell If She’s Interested In You

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Here’s some advice on how to tell if a girl is interested in you.

It’s taken directly from Tyler Tray’s “7 Days To Online Dating Success” program…


How To Tell If She’s Really Interested In You…
by Tyler Tray
First, you must understand that most women don’t tell you if they are interested or not, they show you.
Most men fail here because…

Men are mostly wired in a direct way–we approach and say what we want and don’t want (Example: “I like you.”)– while most women will come across in an indirect way (Example: “You’re funny” which means, “I’m interested.”). So, to really connect with women, you must be able to read their indirect signals.
Here are two signals to look for when interacting with women in the online world and real

Online Signal

When receiving emails from women, look for a plug about your personality.
I sent an email to woman about an awesome party I went to and how I think I saw her there. I also put in a little joke about the people at the party and her friends. The first thing she wrote back was:
“lol! You’re funny and good at reading people…”
Which basically means, “I’m interested in you because there are qualities in your personality that stood out to me.”
Real World Signal

Women communicate interest through touching and they recieve and give many signals through physical affection.
For instance:
If a woman touches me, I know she is interested in me. This also lets me know that she is comfortable with me touching her. This works great for moving into a closer relationship. However, some women are reluctant to initiate physical contact. Instead, they’re waiting for you to be the man and make a move.
Here’s what I do…
If I am with a girl and I’m not sure if she’s interested, I will touch her hand or arm in a way to get her attention and then I will shift my focus to me or something interesting in the area. If she opens up and responds favorably or touches me back throughout the conversation, then I know she’s interested and I am on the right track.
Okay, now let move on to how to respond to these signals…
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