How to use Body Language to Attract Women on the Dance Floor

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Here’s Solace’s second article on the specifics of dance floor game (check out his first article about using kino escalation on the dance floor)…

When he sent me this article I downloaded the videos below and immediately started watching them…

I admit, at first I snickered at his fauxhawk :)

…but once I got past that, I thought he was NUTS for giving away over an hours worth of lecture footage for free..

I guess he knows it’s going to prove to people his instructing abilities and they’ll want to take one of his bootcamps as a result…

Pretty smart of him!

Dance Floor Game: Body Language
by PUA Solace

So last week in my ramblings we talked about kino escalation in regards to Dance game, so this week we will discuss another aspect of that game Body Language.

Day to day and in any scenario Body Language accounts for about 60% of communication. In a loud venue such as a dance club or on the dance floor that # jumps to about 90%.

With that in mind what’s essential is to learn how to communicate and interpret a number of things via Body Language, i.e. Interest, disinterest, playful interest and disinterest, negs, and playful disqualifiers.

Upon that displaying Non-neediness, High-value, and outcome independence through attraction are key!

Let’s start with the opener…

Last Week I told you about how I prefer to open up a set by “backin’ it up on’em”.

Sounds simple in retrospect but in methodology the rabbit hole is MUCH deeper.

What’s actually happening when I open this way is that I immediately begin assessing the effect of my actions. With my Peripheral vision I’m scanning the Body Language of her friends.

Are they smiling, laughing, disgusted, and moving in or away?

Is the target who I have slightly isolated from the group doing the same?

Since I am not looking at the target herself I can assume she is having the same reaction as her friends. It’s how peer pressure works.

I win the friends, I win the target. If I get her smiling and laughing it’s time to work the Push-Pull.

Displaying playful disqualifiers and interest via body language is how I generate the push-pull effect.

Off of the previous opener when she starts going along with me, I assume that I have the upper hand. So when she tries to show me a dance move or tries to lead I can give her a playful smile and back-turn to communicate playful disinterest.

At that point if I have successfully pulled that off she might give me a playful “you jerk!!” look to which I pull her in and give her a playful hug or high five. I can keep the push pull going strictly by communicating via body language.

I find it a bit difficult to discuss body language in an article, so for your dining and dancing pleasures I’ll include links to my first dance game lecture vids. Enjoy!

(To download these videos, right click on each link and choose “Save Target As…”)

Video Part 1 - 94MB
Video Part 2 - 21MB

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Dance Floor Game

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