How To Use ‘Inception’ When Texting Women

Here’s an article by Bobby Rio on how to use “Inception” to successfully text girls… and how to turn her on by using magnetic messaging


Bobby RioHave you heard of ‘inception‘?

(yes, like the movie)

Do you know how to use it on women?

Every time you send a woman a text you have
an opportunity to plant a tiny idea in her mind
that can grow and expand…

- you can plant the idea that you’re a cool,
sociable guy that she would have a lot of
fun with…

- or you can plant the idea that you’re just
another boring DUD…

I’ve just put up this brand new video where
I reveal how to use three simple messages
that instantly turns a woman on and has her
wanting more…

(showing you how to use “inception” for you
instead of against you)

Watch it here.

See this is the exactly opposite of what the
“average guy” does.

The average guy texts her something like:

“how was your day?”

“What’s up?”

“Hope you had fun tonight?”


These texts annoy the shit out of her.

(and it probably won’t be long before she
slips through your fingers)

Every time you send a woman a a text you’re
fighting for her attention….

So you need to have maximum impact with
minimum number of messages.

When she pulls out her phone and glances at
your message if it doesn’t grip her attention
and arouse her emotion… You’re TOAST.

She’ll put her phone away and forget all
about you…

If you can’t hold her attention game over you

In my brand new video I explain how to
use something I call “The Key Lock Sequence”
to not only hold a woman’s attention…

…But to have her desperate to see you.

I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to
leave it up, so I’d put aside 15 minutes or
so and watch it right now

Take Care,

Bobby Rio

P.S. I also explain how there is a “Window
of opportunity” that begins closing the minute
she gives you her number…

And why you must get the date FAST.

Watch my video here for all these secrets.

Magnetic Messaging Bobby Rio