How To Use Social Proof To Turn A Friend Into A Lover

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Simon Heong and David Kwan specialize in helping guys on
how to get out of the friend zone with women and turn them
into lovers…

Here’s an article by Simon on how to use social proof to
help guys in this situation…


Turning a friendship into a relationship is tricky.

One wrong move and you might risk losing her as a friend.
It’s an extremely fragile situation and you’ve got to get it
right the first time around.

One way is to capitalize on a concept called “Social proof”
as it’s a very powerful psychological trigger that can really
influence the way people act.

Social Proof is all about human nature and CONDITIONING.

As humans we do things based on what other humans do.

We are more likely to make a decision or take an action when
we have seen PROOF that someone else has also made the
same decision.

The choice becomes that much easier when we realize people
“just like us” (similar demographics) have made the exact same
choices too.

It’s like I’m walking to a football game to go to my seat and 40,000
people in front of me are lined up going through the gates waiting
to enter the stadium.

Instead of analyzing where to go , I’ll just follow along with the crowd.

It’s sort of like monkey see, monkey do. We are very, VERY much
influenced by people around us, especially if we feel people around
us are similar to us.

And that’s the underlying concept behind social proof.

Same applies here. If you want her to see you differently as sexual man,
rather than just as someone who’s platonic, social proof is a powerful
concept because, if we can subtly “demonstrate” to women that other
women, just like them, are attracted to us, are interested in us, enjoy
hanging out with us or they simply want us, they are more likely to
make the same decision.

Women feel attraction toward men in the company of other women!

The fact is that women are VERY competitive creatures.

Especially when it comes to men.

The good news is that if you know how to take advantage of this, and
BRING OUT that sense of COMPETITION in a woman, you will be able to
make a woman feel STRONG feelings of attracting for you VERY quickly
and get her to be your girlfriend.

And social proofing is one of the most powerful ways to bring out her
‘catty’ side AND to increase your sexual value to her as a man.

The bottom line is that this stuff is POWERFUL, it triggers ATTRACTION,
and it communicates to a woman that you GET IT, AND it helps you to
reach inside and touch a woman in a way she’s always wanted, and in
a way that she responds to powerfully.

I feel it’s time that we as men started learning more about how women
work, what they respond to, and how to TRIGGER those powerful feelings
of ATTRACTION in the woman that YOU desire.

To help with this, I’ve created videos that WILL help you GET HER
(whether it be a friend or someone you’ve just recently met).

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