How to Use Stories to Build Attraction

The ability to tell a good story is important to improve yourself socially. It is also a great way of building interest and attraction with women.

Here’s a sample from chapter 3 of Pickup101’s “From ‘Cold Approach’ to Hot Date’ In 6 Easy Steps” ebook regarding storytelling…



It never fails. A student comes to one of our workshops and finds that we expect him to be able to tell an entertaining story from his own life, and stares at us in disbelief, explaining “but I don’t have any good stories to tell?” He may own his own business, have traveled the world, and moved here from India not knowing anyone at the age of 17, but thinks somehow he has nothing to say.

Then Grant starts in with his revolving door story, explaining right from the start that he doesn’t even like the damn story (it’s not really all that good). But the key is, he loves telling it because it always gets reactions, and it always gets women listening to him. The guys start to get it. They start to understand.

You are the best material. Your story is just a way to draw attention to the real show. Sean’s Storytelling Generator will show you how to get started.

Your dream girl is there in front of you. Waiting. Anticipating your approach. Sending you signals all night. But she’s surrounded by friends, all in a circle around her, guarding her like mother hens. How do you approach this big group and charm them all into liking you?

Easy. Tell them a story.

Why tell stories?

People love stories. Across cultures, across ages, across groups, everyone loves a story. If you approach a group with a story to tell, you have them interested. And if you have them interested, you have the opportunity to get the women attracted.

But how do you tell a story to a group? How do you tell a story that engages the emotions, and the attraction mechanisms, of women? How do you tell the story of your life in a way that makes you attractive?

Your story should have a quick hook question with an unusual (meaning not “where are you ladies headed tonight?”) topic, that will either engage opinions or get their attention. Helpful if you are probing for yes/no or one word answers. You want them to jump in right away with emotional reactions, not logic.

After the hook, let them reply. Banter back with energy and enthusiasm to whatever they say. You want them engaged now.

Now jump into your story. This story should be as short as you can possibly make it, fast, emotional, and end with a pause and clear punch line. Then go right to banter with no segue at all. Segues are for suckers. Orangutan.

The Instant Story Generator

From Cold Approach To Hot Date In 6 Easy StepsWe’ve even created our very own MadLibs-style story generator to get you started. Stories are always best if you use material from your own life, and everyone has great stories. You just need to know the structure… [Continued in our Bonus Report: From 'Cold Approach' To 'Hot Date' In 6 Easy Steps]

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