How To Use Your Tongue In Bed

Shawna Lenee is a former Penthouse Pet of the Year and current sex advice instructor for men…

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Here’s an article by Shawna where she explains the 5 mistakes guys make with their tongue during foreplay and sex…


2 Girls Teach Sex Special Report:

The Top 5 Mistakes Guys Make
With Their Tongues!

Common mistakes guys make when using their tongue on a girl…
and exactly what to do instead to make her SCREAM!

By Shawna Lenee,
Creator Of 2GTSShawna Lenee boobs bikini at pool

Hey Sexy,

I was just thinking about my ultimate sexual kryptonite…

And I decided… that it’s DEFINITELY when a guy knows how to lick my body right! Hehe =)

BUT… the only problem is…

Finding a guy that ACTUALLY knows how to use his tongue is almost IMPOSSIBLE!

Can you believe that I’ve only been with one guy that REALLY knew what to do with that little thing?!

(And how long have I been in this business now…? COME ON!)

All the rest did the same AWFUL THINGS that I just can’t STAND…

Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body… but it can also be your WEAKEST if you’re guilty of ANY of these mistakes…

So pay careful attention… because eliminating just one of them can mean the difference between you being a total dud to a complete STUD! ;-)
Mistake #1) Not Knowing The Difference Between FLAT and POINTED

A lot of guys think all they have to do is lick a girl and it’ll feel amazing for her…

I’m sure when you’re getting licked it feels GREAT no matter what ;-)

But if you think the same goes for us then you couldn’t be more wrong!

For starters… knowing when to use a pointed tongue vs. a flat tongue is the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER when it comes to licking a woman ANYWHERE…

So here’s a general rule that’ll make her naturally wetter from having your tongue on her:

Use a flat tongue when…

- you’re licking anywhere around her collar bone, neck, and shoulders
- you’re licking the insides of her elbows, knees, or inner thighs
- you lick over her nipples
- you lick her outer lips “down there”

Use a pointed tongue when…

- you trace circles around her nipples
- you’re separating her outer lips “down there” with your tongue
- you circle her clitoris with your tongue
- you use your tongue in her back door hole hehe =)
Mistake #2) Killing The Mood With Kissing

Knowing the difference between FLAT and POINTED tongue is key… but using them the wrong way can be the ultimate mood killer!

Especially if you don’t know how to use it in her mouth.

I once had a guy stick his ENTIRE TONGUE in my mouth… and just leave it in there… I also had another guy just dart his tongue ALL OVER THE PLACE… even into my nostrils!


If anything… just remember THIS:

If she has to wipe her face or chin afterwards…


Now I don’t want you turning ANYONE off or wondering where the hell you learned to kiss…

So when you go in for the kill…start first by gently sucking on her top and bottom lips…then lightly lick across each one…

When you can hear her start to breathe heavier and give little moans…ease your way into her mouth and slowly lick the underside of hers…

This is a REALLY good way to warm her up and give her a PREVIEW of how good you are with your tongue ;-)
Mistake #3) Using It In The WRONG Spots

OK… don’t laugh… but I once hooked up with a guy who would get so turned on from licking my armpits…

Keyword: ONCE.

Now I can’t say that EVERY WOMAN is gonna HATE having her armpits licked…

But if that’s YOUR thing and NOT hers… you’re in for quite the blow to your sex life… =(

The folds in the skin are generally the MOST SENSITIVE… so here are some guidelines to hitting the right ones and avoiding the wrong ones:

DO AVOID: the armpits, the nostrils, and any folds of skin that she may think is fat on her

DON’T AVOID: the inside of her elbows and knees, the underside of her breasts, her ears, where her thigh meets her pussy

Those are just a few of my own sweet spots… and I’m sure they’ll be hers too =)
Mistake #4) Being Lazy or Stingy With It

Even if you know the difference between a pointed and flat tongue… and now know which spots to avoid on her…

If you barely use or move your tongue… you’ve got even BIGGER problems!

Some guys will only lick a woman’s nipples and nether regions…

But did you know there are over 18 erogenous zones on the female body?!

That’s 18 different spots that can get her wetter and wilder in bed for you.

So next time you’re lickin her body up and down… work your way IN towards her nipples and naughty spot…

In fact… make sure to hit them last.

This will build her sensitivity… get her even hotter and hornier for you… and have her SOAKING WET before you even have a chance to lick it yourself ;-)

Mistake #5) Thinking It’s The ONLY Thing You Need

Now… using your tongue the RIGHT WAY is definitely a fantastic start…

So now… let’s talk about how to take things to the NEXT LEVEL…

After all… you don’t want her comparing you to the “amateurs” she’s been with…

So here’s a Pro Tip ;-)

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I don’t think I’d ever cum so hard in my life!

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Wet Dreams ;-)

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