How TV & Movies Turned Men Into PUSSIES (*This* Film Is A Prime Example…)

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Everyone in society wants to laugh at the guy who is not good with women. They call them “psychopaths” and imply that they must have Asperger syndrome. TV news shows and feminist blogs rip on guys who visit “pickup artist” sites like this one. They say that we’re all “creepy” for trying to learn how to become better with women. “Why is it so HARD for these guys to meet women?”

I find this quite ironic. Why you ask? Because ever since we started wearing diapers we’ve had movies and tv shows shoved down our throats that teach us that if we’re “nice guys” who treat girls like princesses, we’ll eventually get the girl. So years later, we act like that… and it DOESN’T F**KING WORK!!! We find out everything told to us was a LIE, a fairy tale.

What happens next? We either continue to flounder, “settle”, or we seek out the truth. This site is the TRUTH. Why does society hate my site? Because society CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Why? Because the truth is BRUTAL. Those girls who you treated like a princess used you as an emotional tampon while they banged guys who spent minutes with her compared to your hours.

Am I implying that women suck? NO!!! If I was a woman, I wouldn’t want to date a man who was a huge PUSSY either. I’m not attracted to girls who kiss my ass. I keep girls, who I know I can have at the drop of a hat, on my back burner.

John Hughes Pretty In Pink MovieWhat I’m implying is that TV and movies SUCK. Want an example? Great! How about every John Hughes teen movie from the 80s.

John Hughes was a huge film maker in the 1980s and 1990s. He’s best known for his teen movies. He tried to capture teen angst, social cliques, stereotypes, oppressive adults, and financial class structure. What he really captured is a bunch of Neighborhood of Make-Believe BULLSH!T!

Remember “Sixteen Candles“? Was it REALISTIC that the hottest girl in school would wake up next to Farmer Ted and be okay with it? How about “The Breakfast Club“? Would all those people REALLY hug it out together if stuck together in detention?

I get the “feel good” message that John Hughes was trying to send. I understand that we don’t go to the movie theater to watch a show about “reality”. We want to escape to a magical land where everything is right and just. Where people like us get their revenge. But here’s the problem… when young children are pounded with years of books, movies, web sites and tv shows that portray this fiction… these children grow up to be men who think that the fiction is REALITY!

The only John Hughes movie that “kind of” got it right was “Pretty In Pink“. Pretty In Pink was a film written by John Hughes. But he was not the director or the producer (he was an “executive producer”). Remember “Duckie”? Remember how Duckie hopelessly pined for Molly Ringwald’s character Andie? *SPOILER* Thankfully, Duckie DIDN’T end up with Molly. She blew him off with the “you’re a great FRIEND” speech and hooked up with Blane. Great, right?

BUT, that’s not how John Hughes wrote the screenplay! He wanted Andie to end up with Duckie. In fact, that’s how they filmed the original ending. But by the grace of god, the ending got re-filmed and changed at the last minute. There’s rumors that it was because the test audiences didn’t like John Hughes’ original ending. They wanted Andie to end with Blane.

Jon Cryer, who played Duckie, recently claimed that Molly Ringwald demanded the ending be changed because she had a crush on Andrew McCarthy who played Blane. She supposedly had the balls to be honest and say “there’s NO WAY Andie would end up with Duckie instead of Blane!” It is said that John refused to cast Molly again because of this. Either way, I want to thank the test audiences and Molly Ringwald BOTH for saving this movie with the new ending!

Apparently, John Hughes was so butt hurt about the changed ending that he basically remade the movie a year later with his original crappy ending and called it “Some Kind Of Wonderful“.

I know John Hughes is now dead, and I don’t enjoy bagging on a dead man… but did he actually BELIEVE that Duckie would get Andie in REAL LIFE? What’s the likelihood? 1 in a hundred? Probably more like 1 in a billion. In fact, I would like any of the snarky feminist bloggers out there to look me in the eyes and TELL ME to my face without laughing that John Hughes’ rose-colored ending was “more realistic and probable”!!

All this Hollywood bullsh!t is like entrapment. Preach a bunch of crap to men, watch the men fail following your crap advice, and then point a judgmental condescending finger at them afterwards.

And you all wonder why is flourishing? You wonder why terms like “alpha male” and “friend zone” have become everyday words? You wonder why YouTube videos of guys picking up girls have become wildly popular? The tides are turning. Men are opening their eyes. John Hughes was full of sh!t.

Join my “Dawg Pound” or wave the white flag & squander your life away in the “friend zone” just like Duckie.

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

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