Hypnotica’s Audio on How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Hypnotica recently re-released his Hypnotica’s Ultimate Inner Game DVD and CD set.

Corresponding with the re-release, he released a 12-Minute audio sample from the Ultimate Inner Game course.

You can listen to it below:

[audio:http://www.mehow.tv/audio/limitingbelief.mp3|titles=Ultimate Inner Game Sample on Limiting Beliefs|artists=Hypnotica]

Here’s his text describing the audio:

In this clip, Hypnotica guides you through an exercise to shake you free from the limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving the results you want, and deserve.

Just listen, and discover:

* The real secret to controlling your own reality
* How to vanquish limiting beliefs from your mind for good
* How to completely eliminate every negative brief
* The step-by-step instructions to control your destiny

That’s some seriously deep stuff! I have a feeling that Hypnotica’s Ultimate Inner Game is too deep for a guy like me who is shallower than a bird bath.

If you are interested in checking out the re-release, stop by Hypnotica’s Ultimate Inner Game site by clicking here.