I despise dance clubs

This past weekend I went back to Minneapolis to visit some friends.  They took me to a bunch of dance clubs.

I like to think that I can adapt to any environment but I just cannot get into dance clubs any more.

The music was excessively loud to the point that I could not talk to my friends who were only a few feet away.   How would I be able to talk to a woman?

Half the club was roped off for VIP.  In Minneapolis VIP doesn’t mean that you are a movie star or professional athlete, it just means you have $40 to waste to seem important.  The part of the club that wasn’t VIP was so packed that I could barely move.   I was getting bumped around like I was in the mosh pit at Ozzfest.

The club was full of drunken douche bags running around grinding the ass of any girl that they could find.  Has anyone had success getting laid by doing this?

I got sick of it and did something I said I would never do again: I whined like a bitch and pleaded to my friends to leave.

Two of us went to a different more laid back bar at 1am and an hour later we left the bar with two women.

When I was in college I used to enjoy dance clubs in moderation.  We would go to chill bars earlier in the night and close the night at a dance club.  I was guaranteed to run into a girl I knew or a girl I met at a different bar earlier in the night.  We would both be intoxicated and start dancing and it lead to us going home and fucking.

Now I find it better to just stay at the chill bars all night.