I had a discouraging Saturday before Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween has always been a sure thing for getting laid even when I was an AFC. That wasn’t the case this past Saturday.

It was like I took everything I learned in the past year and flushed it down the toilet.

I started out good. I opened some good sets. I even opened a girl while she was talking on her cell phone with a quick neg about her Flashdance costume being wrong. I got her to hang up her phone and I talked to her for a good while but bounced for some reason.

The bars were really crowded. I don’t mind crowds when I have a few beers in me so I drank a little faster than I normally do. Getting too drunk was an issue with me in my AFC days that I thought I licked but it came back to haunt me that night.

I was dressed up as Elvis and it was a successful costume. I had a lot of women open me but I didn’t do anything with it. I started falling into the mindset of praising women I thought had cool costumes. Praising a girl’s costume on Halloween is like praising a girl for her her looks, shirt or any accessory she happens to be wearing any other weekend. She heard it from a hundred AFCs already and she can see right through it as you hitting on her. What you might think is a great situational opener is actually a bad one.

I think the problem is that I fell into the same Halloween mindset that I had when I was an AFC. I got lucky then but my luck ran out this year.

I was really depressed about it these past two days. Today I have finally got my shit together and have decided to evaluate my mistakes, decide how to fix them and go out tomorrow night with a whole different outlook and Halloween game.