I have to respect Adrianne Palicki from the NBC show “Friday Night Lights” for being honest

The following is an exert from an article about the second season of the NBC show “Friday Night Lights” at USAToday.com:

Among the drama: Palicki’s Tyra and Plemons’ Landry enter into a secret romance that, PlemonsAdrianne Palicki from NBC “Friday Night Lights” says, “catches both of them off guard.” The unlikely duo — Tyra the Beauty and Landry the Geek — were brought together last season when Landry became her tutor, then came to her rescue after an attempted rape.

“I would love for them to be together,” Palicki says. “Tyra deserves a good guy.”…

The currently single Palicki says she has had many Landrys in her life, but as a high school student in Toledo, Ohio, she strictly dated jocks. “I had Landrys as friends,” she clarifies. “They were the guys you thought you’d marry someday, but you just couldn’t date because it wasn’t cool. How stupid is that?


I have no clue who Adrianne Palicki is but I like her brutal honesty. Most actresses would lie in such a situation to accommodate the plot line.

The only way she could be more honest is if she said “No, I do not fuck geeks in real life. The show’s plot is nothing more than fairy tale bullshit.”

I especially like the rhetorical question she asks at the end. Priceless.

… and women still wonder why guys act like assholes?