I like Texas

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I knew shitty weather was coming to Milwaukee sooner or later and it finally came Saturday. We had snow and freezing rain. I don’t mind the cold but I hate driving in shitty weather.

I decided I wasn’t going to drive any where on Saturday so I thought about walking to a local bar. After getting rain on by cold rain for a block I decided to just stay home.

Nothing sucks more than being forced to stay home on a Saturday night. I wish I had a fuck buddy in my apartment complex.

I love Wisconsin nine months of the year but hate it the other three.

I flew to Texas for my job today. I fucking hate flying. I’m a tall drink of water, I like to stretch my shit out. Airplanes are so fucking uncomfortable. Why is it that I always get stuck setting by a fat chick or an ugly chick with a crying baby? I hear how planes and airports are a great place to pick up but I have no fucking luck.

I’m off to Mexico tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Normally I would write a bunch of posts and schedule them but I don’t feel like it for some reason. I’m in one of my Tyler Durden moods. There is a good chance I’ll have wireless internet. If I do expect some off the wall posts in the next few days.

Any how, Saturday I had the most genius idea ever. I’ve slept on it and mulled it over today and it still seems like a great idea. I’m going to give it a week and if it still seems like a good idea I will make a post about it. I will need other PUA’s throughout the US to make it happen.

Time for bed, I went to an Applebee’s and the locals started buying me shots of tequila and “royal fucks”. I love the people in Texas but explaining to them that I have to get up early tomorrow only motivates them to buy me more shots.

I like Texas.

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