I saw a Mystery costume Saturday

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Vedran and I were at a bar Saturday and a dude walked by with a zebra-print cowboy hat and some purple crap on his neck. That was enough for me to wonder if he was Mystery for Halloween.

Vedran hunted him down and asked him and I was right. I asked him why he had purple stuff on his neck rather than red lipstick and I was too drunk to remember what he said. He also had a fake tattoo on the back of his neck that he said Mystery has. This was news to me.

I think if his hat was fuzzy and if he had goggles it would have made it a bit more obvious. Vedran is hardcore into Venusian Arts and he didn’t even notice him being Mystery until I pointed it out. Maybe the fact that he was wearing a V for Vendetta mask with limited vision might have had something to do with that though.

It was original and it was a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of douche bags with their “dick-in-the-box” costumes. If I see one of these assholes tomorrow I’m going to comment on how small their boxes are and how it must be a really shitty gift to give a woman being that small.

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