I will never have a natural game name

Mack Tight Garbage Pail KidYou know what amuses me?

Gurus who used to go by their pick-up artist name who are now ditching it for a natural game name. It is the current trend in the community.


Woodhaven = Vin DiCarlo

Gambler = Richard La Ruina

Thundercat = Joseph Matthews

Never mind the fact that these natural game names are often as fake as the PUA names. Early pioneers like Ross Jeffries and David DeAngelo admit that their names are just an alias like the rest.

I ride the fence when it comes to the routine vs. natural game battle but I like my more routine game name and have no plans to change it.

I came up with my alias “Mack Tight” in 2004. You might think it was inspired by porn star names like “Max Hardcore”. It was actually inspired by Garbage Pail Kid names like “Adam Bomb”.

Sure I could come up with a more marketable natural game alias like “Daniel LaRusso” or even “Mack Titus”. Then maybe I would appear to not be a phony who is hiding behind a goofy name.

But seriously, what’s the fun of that?

It’s casual,
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