If A Girl Doesn’t Date You Because Of Your Race, Is She Racist?

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In this article I cover racial dating preferences. It’s a sensitive topic, but I think it’s also important to discuss. Please leave a comment below with your opinions after reading it. Do you agree with me or disagree?


This past weekend I was hanging with some friends.. like normal, I couldn’t contain myself and steered the conversation towards dating and relationships..

The problem with this topic is that I’m super passionate and opinionated about it.. More about that later.. The other problem is that you never know what is going to upset people…

A month ago I upset a female friend by saying that I assume most women I date over the age of 28 already have children. I personally think that’s a very logical assertion and data seems to back it

But data means nothing when it reminds a 37-year old woman with no children who wants children that she’s already roughly 10 years late to the party. Telling her that theory is like twisting a rusty knife in her already gaping “maternal clock” wound…

So that brings up my second example.. people’s attraction to people of certain races and ethnicities..

I was out with friends and during a discussion I said that people are naturally attracted to certain races and there’s nothing wrong with that.. I should have known that was like pissing on an electric fence..

I should mention that this group of friends included people of different races… Everyone agreed with me, except one guy…

He was completely enraged by what I said.. He said anyone who is attracted to people of a certain race is incredibly “shallow”.. He said we were obviously inexperienced with dating and that people should sleep around more and “experience” different races.. He got angry, he got overly emotional, and he was attacking the character of others.. all bad things if you’re trying to have a fun night having a few drinks with friends..

The ironic thing is that none of the people who agreed with me are only attracted to their own race.. One was white and preferred mixed race women.. one was hispanic and liked white men.. one was white and liked hispanic men. Those examples don’t seem to back the idea that having racial dating preferences implies racism. And also, I know these people are not racists because I don’t knowingly hang out with racists.

I’m sure there are racists who won’t date certain races.. but I bet many of those are still ATTRACTED to some of the races they are racist against whether they want to admit it or not.

My theory on why this topic triggered this man so much was because he was Indian. The theory that everyone has racial dating preferences and there’s nothing wrong with that is probably not a favorable theory if your Indian and living in the United States.. But that being said, I once pursued an Indian woman who wouldn’t date me because I’m not Indian..

But the reality is you really have no control over who you are attracted to… David Deangelo is known for saying “attraction isn’t a choice”.. Attraction is subconsious..

So don’t be judgmental against someone because of who they are attracted to.. they have little control over that..

Some people will not be attracted to you strictly based on your race.. and you can’t change your race, so you can’t change that.. you can only accept that..

What I teach men is to focus on fixing what they can change to make themselves more attractive to those who ARE attracted to their race.. or height.. or any other factor you cannot control..

That is the foundation of self-approvement.. accepting that there’s things you can’t do anything about.. and then bettering the things you can change..

But no matter your circumstances.. there are PLENTY of women who are naturally attracted to you!

No one wants to come and be a part of your little self pitty party… accept that the world is not always fair.. but do all you can to make it as favorable as possible for yourself..

It’s casual,

Mack Tight

P.S. - The guy in this story apologized to me and the others the next day. I also apologized to him for bringing up the topic. I’m very passionate about dating and relationships.. but I’m finding more and more discussing that topic with others is the equivalent to discussing politics or religion. You are not going to change others minds and you are likely to step on a soar subject that will make others upset. Add race to the mix and I should have known better than bring up the subject.

Guys, pick an innocuous topic to become passionate about.. like the weather or ping pong ;-)

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