Inner Game and the Keys to Confidence

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Here’s an article by radical inner game creator Tony Laroche about the 3 reasons inner game is so important when it comes to dating women…


‘Just be confident.’

This is probably the most clichéd piece of dating advice. But as overused as it is, it’s also part of a much larger truth. Ask a bunch of women about the one most important quality that they look for in a man and most of them will say confidence.

No woman wakes up hoping that she will meet a man that will spout a few funny lines, pull out a few magic tricks and manipulate her into sleeping with him. Who she really wants to meet is a man who will sweep her off her feet, tell her things she’s never heard before and lead her from adventure to adventure with confidence.

inner gameThe problem is most dating experts cannot clearly define what confidence is. The definition that I most identify it with is – “Appearing confident is not about expressing confidence. It’s about confidently expressing everything else.” So how do you go about doing this?

Confidence isn’t something that a select few are magically born with – there is no confidence gene. Being confident is more often a state of being that a person achieves over time by doing certain things over and over until they feel secure doing it.

Lebron James feels confident shooting the clutch final shot in the NBA Finals because he’s made every imaginable shot before. Like Bruce Lee himself said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”


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So in reality, it is competence that breeds confidence. And as with any pursuit in life, in seduction too it is competence that will ultimately develop your confidence.

More often than not, would be PUAs and seducers fall into the trap of looking for magic bullets that claim to solidify your inner game and help you achieve confidence without ever leaving the comforts of your own home. But inner game isn’t simply some computer program that can be installed instantaneously into your brain, Matrix style.

Building strong inner game involves going out into the field, failing a thousand times and learning a thousand different lessons until you eventually see the world around you free of the mind’s negative spins and interpretations.

For example, one of the hardest hurdles for a beginner PUA to overcome is approach anxiety. Walking up to a beautiful woman and trying to start up a conversation is more often scarier than bungee jumping off a cliff.

And the beginner PUA often has an inner voice that keeps whispering that he’s not interesting enough to hold a beautiful woman’s attention, or the social fear that tells him that everyone in the room will end up laughing at him for being a weirdo.

Developing a strong inner game involves approaching a hundred beautiful women and replacing the doubts from your inner voice by realizing that just by approaching her and relating to her as a human being you’re saving her from the constant boredom of being treated as just a pretty fair and nice body.

And eventually a strong inner game will replace social fears associated with rejection with the awareness that the people around you are too worried about what everyone else thinks about them to spare you too much thought.

In addition, developing strong inner game involves crafting a strong and desirable identity that is congruent with your seducer’s character. A pickup artist without a strong identity is just a wannabe spouting a bunch of made-up lines and routines.

It doesn’t really make a difference if you’re a rock star, a movie star, a computer programmer or a grocery bagger, the trick with strong inner game is owning your identity. Don’t be the boring guy that just tells a woman that he’s an architect. Be the man that owns the character by telling a woman that you help make your city’s skyline look good.

There is a saying that confidence is about ‘faking it till you make it.’ While this is true in some sense, the process of developing a strong inner game really eliminates the need to fake anything.

Developing a strong inner game will help you embrace yourself, flaws and all, and see the world around you with a perspective that is fresh and full of possibility, helping you become a confident man that every woman hopes of crossing paths with.

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-Tony Laroche

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