Instructor Dan leaving Charisma Arts and guru propaganda

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Click Here to Become Amazing With WomenOne of the big news that a lot of seduction bloggers have been talking about during my week and half absence has been instructor Dan leaving Charisma Arts.

People are trying to spin that it means there is internal turmoil in the Charisma Arts camp and that Juggler AKA Wayne Elise has got problems.

My opinion:

Who really fucking cares?!?

I had no clue who “Dan” was when he WAS working with Charisma Arts so why should I give a rats ass that he quit?

Instructors leave seduction companies all the fucking time. It is called “business”.

I am almost certain that all the hype was all spurred by a guru from a competing company and I am almost certain who that guru was because he tried to egg me into talking about a similar situation months ago. I ignored him and he took it to another seduction blogger who posted it.

I am seriously one of the most ethical general seduction bloggers out there and sometimes I even wonder why I am as ethical as I am. Heaven knows that the majority of these gurus have questionable ethics themselves.

Guys, in my year of running eSeduce I have learned a lot about how the seduction community works. It has bits of wrestling and rapper hype with fake beef and battles to create buzz, it has infomercial bits with fake comments and testimonials and it is has fortune 500 business bits like taking advantage of competing companies supposed misfortunes to spread negative propaganda against them.

In my week and a half absence I really got to take a step out of the seduction community and now stepping back into it the bullshit sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

Keep reading eSeduce (subscribe if you yet haven’t) and I’ll expose the bullshit to you bit by bit…

…and don’t believe the hype; support Charisma Arts. What I have seen from Wayne and his company I have liked. Even after leaving “Dan” himself has said they are a good company with good instructors.

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