Interview with Mark Belmont, Author of “The Handsome Factor”

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Mark Belmont dramatically altered his physical appearance to help attract women, and now he is sharing his secrets in The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation System.

Here’s an interview with Mark about the importance of looks and how to make yourself look more attractive…

Many instructors in the seduction community claim that “looks don’t matter”. They argue that your physical appearance has very little impact on your ability to pick up women. How would you respond to this?

Mark: I’d say that’s nonsense, and they’re probably just making that claim so they can sell their product or their seminars to guys who consider themselves to be unattractive.

For guys who are insecure about their looks, any program that claims that a man’s appearance is irrelevant will probably sound like a great buy.
The reality, unfortunately, is somewhat different.

Obviously looks are a big factor for men when it comes to who they approach, how important are looks to women?

While there’s certainly no doubt that women place far less emphasis on looks than men do, it’s still something that definitely factors into their decision.

If you’re physically attractive AND you’ve mastered approaching, flirting, escalation, etc… then you’ll truly be unstoppable.

At this point, I’d say that most people drastically underestimate the importance of looking great.

Beyond just attracting the opposite sex, I’ve heard better looking people receive a general “halo effect” in their day to day activities. How does looking better impact other areas of a guy’s life?

A lot of people find this hard to believe, but countless scientific studies have shown that beautiful people are more successful and happier than their unattractive counterparts in ALL areas of life!

On average, good-looking people have healthier relationships, more friends, better careers, higher incomes, and longer life expectancies…

On the other hand, unattractive people are disadvantaged at every turn. All human beings have a genetic predisposition to avoid less attractive people. It’s a type of prejudice, and it even has a name: “Lookism”.

Unfortunately, this prejudice also applies when you’re picking up women. If you’re an ugly dude, then women will have subconsciously written you off as a possibility before you even open your mouth.

So enhancing your appearance is about way more than just picking up chicks, it’s also about permanently improving your life.

How much can a guy do to actually improve the way he looks?

Honestly, there are tons of things men can do to enhance their appearance. Most guys haven’t even thought about it.

There’s a few things that you CAN’T control – at least not without spending a fortune on plastic surgery or other sketchy things like that. But my The Handsome Factor program doesn’t take you down that road. Instead, I focus on the many things you CAN do to improve your looks.

Mark BelmontAnd trust me, there’s a lot of things you can do. My own personal appearance transformation required that I look after a huge number of things: everything from skin care and hygiene down to hairstyle and fashion.

If you flip open a men’s fitness magazine, you’ll notice that the models all have different facial features, different body types, etc… but they also share a lot of similarities.

You’ll probably notice they’ve all got perfect skin, great hair, excellent fashion sense, athletic physiques…. and all of these things are within your control.

So how does your The Handsome Factor program make guys look better?

In designing my The Handsome Factor program, I wanted to take all the guesswork out of the equation. I figure guys want simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to enhance the way they look.

So my program is essentially a step-by-step guide to taking care of all these things. In plain English, I’ve outlined pretty much everything you can possibly to do improve your look without surgery, pills, or other gimmicks.

What are some exact details of things that we will find in your The Handsome Factor program?

Well, the The Handsome Factor program has a couple of different components, including a 240-page ebook… so if I were to write out all of the things it covers, it would take me ages! But to whet your appetite, here are a few examples of the sorts of things I cover:

  • - How to buy high-end clothes without spending a fortune…
  • - Five things you absolutely must check before you ever leave the house…
  • - How you can get perfectly straight teeth without braces…
  • - What women really think about chest and back hair - and how to make yourself look like a fitness model…
  • - Ways to safely and quickly remove moles and birth marks…
  • - The one thing you simply must take into account when choosing a hair style…
  • - How to wear clothing that hides any flaws in your body…
  • - And of course, much much more…

In addition to the 240-page ebook, my The Handsome Factor appearance transformation system also includes an audio course, three separate fitness manuals, a guide to increasing your sex appeal and improve your demeanor around women, and a software program to track your progress.

Even more importantly, though, I also offer a month of personal coaching.

When members email my special coaching email address, they’ll get a prompt response from both me and one of my lovely female assistants, Katie and Jessica. A lot of guys like to send in a picture of themselves to get detailed custom advice on how to best improve their look.

How’s the response to it been?

I’ve been getting a lot of excellent feedback from my customers, actually. It’s pretty satisfying to know that I’m helping guys around the world get laid!

Click here to visit Mark Belmont’s website and learn how you can dramatically improve your appearance…

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