IOI’s (Indicators Of Interest) Definition - Examples Of What They Look Like…

“IOI’s” is a pickup artist term for any sign that a girl gives that she’s interested in you. “IOI” is an acronym for “Indicators Of Interest”.

If a girl gives you IOI’s, the probability of your approach being successful is incrementally higher. So looking for IOI’s increases your odds.

So what do IOI’s look like? The girl in this video exhibits 4 of the most widely known Indicators Of Interest.

Did you catch all four? If not, here they are in detail.

4 Examples Of IOIs (Indicators Of Interest) From Women


1.) Sly Smile


- Girls smile. Often, it means nothing. But when a girl gives you a sly smirk, it’s often an IOI. This is especially the case if you haven’t yet made contact with her. Or if you’re not already smiling yourself. If a girl across the bar is smiling your way, you should take that as an IOI and go talk to her.


2.) Touching/Rubbing Body Or Hair


- If a girl is touching her body or hair when looking or talking to you, she’s interested. See how the girl in the video is gently caressing her neck and chest with her finger tips. These movements are slow and delicate, not rushed and violent. If I talk to a girl and she soothingly runs her hands through her hair, I know it’s on.


3.) Attentive Gaze


Girls give strong eye contact to guys they are interested in. If she has no interest, she will be constantly looking elsewhere. Pay special attention to a fixated glazed stare. This is sometimes referred to as the “doggy dish bowl stare”. She’s like a dog eagerly waiting for you to finish putting table scraps or dog food into its bowl. It can’t wait to gobble it down at first chance.


4.) Eye Movement Up & Down Body


A girl will often move her eyes from your eyes to your mouth if she wants you to kiss her. If she’s “eye fucking” you by staring at your chest or groin, it’s a good sign she likes the merchandise. Here’s an analogy, you’re looking for a sports car. You see a station wagon at a dealership. Do you analyze it for dents or open the door to look at the interior? No, because you’re not interested. But lets say you see a red Ferrari. Then you’d analyze it from bumper to bumper to see if you want to buy it. She’s looking you from head to toe because she’s interested.

Those are four quick examples. If you want to learn more, my friend Craig made a free video on how to decode female signals.

He reveals how you can walk into a bar and quickly spot which girls are interested in a one night stand. Just by looking at them, you can tell if you’re wasting your time or not.

By the way, the embedded video is from 2012. The girl is a South Carolina Gamecocks trainer and the football player is WR Bruce Ellington. He currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

Here’s the full video.

Have you had girls look at you like this? What do you think of Craig’s decoding female signals video? Let me know in the comments below.

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