Is Negging Ethical?

“Negging” has gotten a bad rap because of the negative connotations surrounding the name.

People picture guys putting down women when that isn’t the reality.

It actually incorporates equal parts disqualification and flirting. It still is taught by almost every guru who teaches indirect game, just they do not call it “negging” or “negs”.

Ryan Clauson calls it “teasing” and in the following article he explains why it is essential when interacting with women…

Recently I went to a club with my friend Jake, who learned a lot from my Listen Act Attract Program and used the knowledge to attract some beautiful women. We met these girls for the first time that night and had a blast. We teased every single one of them and they loved it.

Which leads me to an important question:

Is Teasing a Girl Ethical?

Some guys think it’s rude and mean to tease girls. They don’t think it’s ethical. But teasing happens to be very ethical and here’s why:

Teasing a girl makes complimenting her possible.

Hummm? What? Let me explain…

If you compliment a girl early in a conversation, she will not accept the compliment as being genuine. She will see you as doing what every other guy does, trying to impress her by telling her nice things about herself. She will think you are fake and needy.

However, when you tease a girl first, it shows her that you are confident and have zero need to impress her. She will mentally set you apart from the guys she is used to talking with who usually begin by giving her compliments which she sees as poor attempts to get her to like them.

Once a girl has mentally set you apart from “most guys” because you teased her, you can now give her a real compliment that she will accept and be attracted to because she sees it as being genuine and not a pick up line.

Get my point?

Teasing a girl at first allows you to give her a real compliment later which she will accept and like. And that’s why teasing is ethical.

If you did not tease at first, a girl would look at your compliment as dishonest and phony.

So go out, start teasing and have some fun with it. To get more information on the best way to tease girls check out my audio program by clicking here.

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