Is routine game officially dead?

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While writing yesterday’s Venusian Arts Revelation Review I came up with my own revelation…

Routine game in the seduction community is like the Republican Party in Hollywood; nobody wants to admit that they are associated with it.

If you are an actor, it is cool to freely admit you are a Liberal. If you are a guru it is cool to freely admit you teach natural game.

If you are an actor, it is career suicide to admit you are a Conservative. You instead say you are a Libertarian. If you are a guru it is unpopular to admit you are an advocate of using routine game.

It is even becoming more clear after the launch of two of the summers biggest seduction products…

The Venusian Arts are admitting that they want to take the emphasis off of their use of “canned material” with the release of Venusian Arts Revelation. If you ask me “canned material” is synonymous with “routines”.

Similarly, on the main page of Mehow’s Group Attraction Mannifesto site I counted the use of the word “natural” fourteen times. I find that odd considering only a few months ago Mehow attacked natural game.

In fact, one of the main components of his Group Attraction product is what he calls the “DNA code”.

What is the “DNA code”? It stands for Dynamics of Natural Attraction!

I think Mystery and Mehow are great. I think their routines and canned material are very interesting and I fully believe you can learn from their examples…

So why are they caving in?

It seems like the only people still embracing routines are Love Systems with their Routines Manuals and Sinn.

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  • Gregory Arkadin
    August 8th, 2008 at 11:20 am

    The question is, how do you market “natural”
    it’s an oxymoron, like saying “my bottled water is better than your bottled water”

    if you market, you have to differentiate, and if you differentiate, you have to ad structure, which then makes it a “routine” You have to say at some point “my stucture is better than your structure”

    Why they caved in probably boils down to economics, or because other companies are doing it..flavor of the month mentality.

    it’s really isn’t genuine, even some of the former ss people are trying become “natural”

    it’s the Whole Foods marketing philospy, it’s what’s in….

  • angeldust
    August 31st, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    I agree. This always happens in a commercial society. They totally caved in because of all the pressure and bad mouthing their methods have received. It’s very easy to badmouth PUA’s too since society is still coming around to men becoming men again. What kills me is that once you listen to one of these “natural” products you hear the same shit that VA would teach. It’s all about making sure their company survives.

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