Is sarging bad because it is not natural?

I’ve been recently reviewing Stephen Nash’s new The Natural Art of the Pick-up program.

He starts the program out by giving his 12 rules of “the natural”. The first one is “no sarging”.

By that he means you should not go out to a place with the sole intention to pick up girls. Instead a natural should meet women during his routine daily activities.

Here’s a video of Stephen describing it in better detail…

I can somewhat agree with Stephen. I think the issue most guys have is that they are not taking advantage of the opportunities that already exist in their life.

I also think it could be considered a bit excessive to go hang out at a Pinkberry or a Whole Foods just to hit on girls. For that matter, taking a yoga class to meet women is also money and time poorly spent if you don’t think you would enjoy it otherwise.

That being said, I DO think that guys should exit their comfort zones and try something new that is social that they think they may enjoy. I think too many guys spend their daily free time partaking in unproductive and antisocial activities such as playing video games, doing fantasy football, watching TV or surfing the internet by themselves.

I have a friend who took up bowling and I myself took tennis lessons this summer. We both enjoyed these sports and they presented us with a new influx of women in our lives that we instantly had shared interests with.

I think it is important to realize that you already have what it takes in your life to be successful with women. You don’t need to move to Hollywood, eat at trendy restaurants or shop expensive grocery stores to meet quality women. I’ve met beautiful women in the sticks of rural Wisconsin, at McDonalds and at Aldi Foods.

But I also think sarging is a good thing too. It may not be “natural” but how can going out and talking to women you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk in your daily life be a bad thing?

The key to becoming better with women is to approach and talk to more women by any means necessary. If sarging is your means, go for it!

You can learn more about Stephen’s Natural Art of Pick-up program by clicking here