It happened: we got called out on being “pick up artists” like on that VH1 show

I knew ahead of time that VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist” was going to raise awareness of the seduction community. I thought it might become an issue in Los Angeles or Miami but I naively thought that we would be immune from it in Milwaukee. I guess I must have thought that no one watched VH1 in Milwaukee or something. Yes, I am stupid at times.

Last night was the first night Vedran and I sarged together for about a month. A two-set was opened and after talking to the target for almost ten minutes, the other girl chimed in about the person being a “pick up artist” like on the VH1 show. It lead to the demise of that approach.

I was a moron for not thinking about dealing with such a situation before this. Even if it wasn’t for the VH1 show this day would still come eventually.

Sure you can just move on to the next set and venue. But it got me to think what about the opening and later conversation allowed this woman to know that we studied pick up. Also, how should you deal with such an issue when it happens again.

I’ll share what I came up with in a new post tomorrow.