It’s All on U

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Back in the 90’s I was a big fan of rap music.  I particularly liked the artists from Cash Money Records.  One of the rappers was named B.G. and he had an album called “It’s All on U”.

It is one of my favorite album names.

When I was an AFC I got by with the help of my friends.  I had one particularly amazing wingman in my life who went out on a limb to get me laid.  I can recall one night where he occupied four fat ugly friends by himself just so I could fuck the hot friend.  While I was making out with the hot friend I can remember glancing over at him as one of the fat girls was wrapping her purple feather boa around his neck while another one was humping his leg like a dog in heat.  I would try to do the same for him the next night.

We had a “mutualism” relationship.  We both were willing to go the extra mile to get the other laid.  We both benefited from each other.

Eventually he got married and moved away.  I was left absolutely shattered.  My success with women solely relied on him and now he was gone.

I started looking for replacement wings. The problem is that most wings and friends in your life just plain suck.   Most do not want to see you succeed.  They are selfish.  They want to mooch off you and borrow money from you.  They want to have “parasitic” relationships and are not interested in helping you out.

To be honest I was looking for a “parasitic” relationship myself.  I was looking for a quick fix to my problem.  I was looking for someone to get me out of my rut and I had little to offer them with the mental state that I was in at that time.

No one is going to come save you from your AFC ways and turn you into a pickup artist without you contributing to their success in return.  You need to get your shit straight on your own first.

Go out by yourself for once.  Become comfortable going out by yourself.  Become confident going out by yourself.  Have fun going out by yourself.  Become successful going out by yourself.

Once you have accomplished this you will then be able to make new friends and meet new wings.  If you lose a wing you will not be left in shambles like I was.  You will still be able to go out by yourself and be successful.

It’s all on u…

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