It’s OK To Apologize, Sometimes

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As pickup artists, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that some people are overly sensitive, and our techniques might offend them or hurt their feelings. Sometimes people also simply cannot let go of the fact that things that have happened in the past should just stay there and aren’t really as big of a deal as they seem.

This is why I say that it is ok to apologize to people, sometimes, rather than getting your skull crushed in by some big guy. This happened to me a while back, where I hit on a bigger guy’s girlfriend some six months back and he had not gotten over that fact. During my “hitting” on her phase, the guy didn’t even bother to even ask me to stop, nor was he giving any indication that she was his girlfriend. She was into me and we were really vibing, but the problem was that the guy was built like a fucking tank. These six months go by, and the guy sees me walking alone back to my car one night after sarging and decides to have a confrontation with me, and I stand my ground. He threatens to beat my brain in the next time he sees me, but I just shrug it off. Now in hind sight, I thought to myself that it was better to keep myself in one piece rather than get my ass pulverized by some meat head. So, the next time I bumped into him, I apologized.

As is turns out, the guy just wanted an apology and dropped the issue there, but had been dwelling on it for such a long time (six months). Some people never forget, so it is better to be intelligent on issues when you are the PUA, rather than let them fester and let them turn into something where your well-being could be in jeopardy.

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